Undertake these Steps to Sell Homemade Food Online

Undertake these Step to Sell Homemade Food for Business Online

During the pandemic, street food faced many problems, but it didn’t take long to shift their online food business. Being a cook can open many opportunities for you to grow your food business. The only thing that matters the most in this world is tasty and healthy food. Am I right? 

Well, the majority will agree with me. 
But, before guiding you about selling homemade food online, let me ask you that:

Are you a great cook and looking for a way to earn money?
Of course, Yes, Right?

Then we have a perfect and ideal solution for you. You can start selling your homemade food. 

Currently, everyone prefers healthy food, and what can be a better reason to purchase your food? 

You can even sell your food online so that no matter where your customers live, they can enjoy your tasty and healthy food. Currently, the majority of the population don’t want to leave their home, so they want their food gets delivered to their home.

We all live with a family and have someone who cooks delicious food for us. And this can be considered an opportunity to start your own business. 

Whether the person is living far from home or a person is sick, the only thing they crave is homemade food. And so, selling homemade food can give you growth and profit. For development, a successful homemade food business only needs tasty food and on-time delivery.

After creating a homemade food business online, you can promote it on different platforms by taking the help of a digital marketing agency Dublin.

Why sell homemade food online?

Are you confused about why you should sell homemade food online? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered:

1. The homemade food business has a low startup cost

The homemade food business has complete control of its expenses. And so, when you start a homemade food business, you don't have to deal with things like:
- Paying money to staff
- Renting or buying a place
- New tools or equipment
- High packaging costs

2. It makes it simple to get customer feedback.

Customer feedback is crucial for every business to get succeed. And if you have your homemade food business online, it can keep you connected with your customers and help you learn your food ratings and the demand for your food.

3. There is a demand for food.

Food is a necessity, and so, if compared to other products and services, food is always in high demand. And if you're able to cook tasty food, no one can stop you from growing your startup business.

4. Selling and delivering food from home is suitable.

If you're confused about selling food from home, we've come up with some great reasons that might clarify your doubt. Selling homemade food from home is suitable because:
- You don't have to travel anywhere to cook the food
- You can promote and market your food and services through social media
- You can offer services according to your time and convenience

5. It gives you access to work flexibly

If you're running your own business, you have control over what to sell and when. You can decide the menu you want to offer to your customers. Also, if you make any policy changes, you can quickly inform your customers.

A step-by-step guide to starting a food business online

Look at these steps to create a food business online:

1. Define the reason for selling food online

The reason for selling a particular food item is vital to make people realize that you care about them. For example, if a company sells chocolates, its reason for selling is to make people have something sweet and enjoy its taste.

2. Decide which food item you want to sell

Building your career in cooking doesn't require any degree. During the lockdown, amateur chefs and homemakers started selling food online due to high food demand. The first step you should take while starting your food business is to decide exactly which item you want to sell to your customers. For example: if you're great at baking cakes, you can start your bakery shop.

3. Create a business model

If you have a proper business plan, it can be easier to decide on the food you can offer online. Further, it helps you decide on your targeted market, capital, and vision. If you want help creating a business model, you can use a program.

4. Get licenses and register your business.

Once you've chosen a business plan and market niche, it's time to register your business online. Small businesses can easily register their business, but you require some licenses. You can visit the government officials' portal to register for food licenses.

FSSAI Registration: Food sellers who generate annual revenue of fewer than 12 lakhs should apply for registration. This manual clarifies the many FSSAI registrations that relate to your company.

Moreover, A license from the FSSAI is required if your turnover exceeds 12 lakh. Usually, this applies to medium-sized eateries.

5. Get ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Ingredients play a crucial role in preparing tasty food. And so, for the perfect ingredients, you should get in touch with suitable suppliers. But before looking for a distributor, you must look at some things like:
- Delivery & shipping times
- Cost of manufacturing
- References and testimonials from former clients
- Materials availability
Depending on your business size, you should approach and talk to distributors.

6. Make your online store.

An online presence is necessary for all small businesses. When you have an internet store, selling food online is simpler. You can initially opt for a free online store and upgrade to a brand new premium store once you're familiar with the eCommerce industry. To get more sales from your customers, make your food look tempting. And for that, you can post pictures and videos of your food. Further, you can mention the product description and the food taste.

7. Promote your homemade food business online

There is the majority of people who crave tasty people, but they still don't know that you exist. And, so to make yourself visible, you need to promote your brand online. Promoting your food business does not require must effort. All you have to do is: mention recipes, ask for customer feedback, share your knowledge, etc. You can also take guidance from a digital marketing agency to bring effective marketing results for your food business.


Selling homemade food online is something that any cook shouldn't avoid. This type of business allows you to follow your passion and feed other people. You can start this business at a small phase and let it develop naturally. Talk to other entrepreneurs in the food business to better comprehend the challengers and for some insider tips.

Once you've started your food business, you should get in touch with a Digital marketing company that is the expert in promoting various industries and increasing its online presence.

So, what are you looking at? Go into your kitchen and start selling delicious food to your customers.

Guidelines for Designing Website Headers

Guidelines for Designing Website Headers

Here is a complete guide to designing website headers.

Within how many seconds do you create an opinion about a website?

At least 15-30 sec, Right?

And, what’s the first thing you’ll see or notice on the website?

Most of you will say, “a website header.”

And that’s correct

Every website page has a header, the first thing visitors and users will notice. There should be a balance between a simple website design and a detailed direction to the website’s deeper pages. While creating a website header, you must ensure that your visitors and customers can quickly get what they’re looking for. And for that, you need to recognize some best practices.

You should hire a web application development company Dublin for a perfect website header design because they know how a header design can influence and attract clients. Web experts focus on and implement the best practices for designing website headers. 

Now, let’s discuss the website header in detail:

What is a Website Headers?

Although they’re frequently disregarded, website headers are crucial. As the name suggests, the header is the upper portion of a website page. It is a section of content typically pinned to the top so that it constantly appears on all your site’s pages. A header’s primary goal is to clearly outline the essential information on your website, which convinces visitors to view it more. Also, the website header can give your visitors a precise direction as they move forward from one page to another.

Your header will instantly identify your website, especially if it incorporates your brand’s colors and logo. Ensure that you select the header that goes with your website style. 

Why do you need a headers for your website?

We all believe that” a first impression is the last impression.” You’ll never get another chance to impress your visitors. The header aids in website identification, and more importantly, you can use the header as an opportunity to convey any important message to visitors.

You should imagine the website header as an exterior of the shop by looking at which the visitor can understand what’s inside the store. The header primarily serves as an introduction and summary of your services or products.

Tips for designing a website headers

Now, let’s have a look at a few tips for designing a website headers:

1. Emphasize the most crucial components

Ensure that the header communicates the primary action you want your site visitors and users to take when they arrive at your page. In general, headers include information that facilitates user interaction with the website, such as:
- Firm's logo
- Contact details
- Tagline
- Icons of social media
- Navigation links

2. Consider transparent headers

For websites, you should consider using a transparent header with eye-catching images. While displaying crucial links, this provides images with possible exposure.

When using a sticky header, having it clear on the scroll can be a little distracting because the header’s background will move along with the images. And if you want to avoid this, you should add some color to the background because even after scrolling through the photos, the users won’t get distracted from the links.

3. Consider effects to demonstrate people learn where they are and where they are going.

While the users navigate, the selected effects play a crucial role in directing them. You should select an effect that is easily noticeable and not distracting. You can also choose effects like underlining that can be visible on mobile devices.

4. Consider design elements that express the company's personality.

Using effects and colors is the best way to convey a company's personality. If your brand has a light-hearted tone, you can use the floating effect, but if your customers provide professional services like real estate, then the floating effect is not the right choice.

Best practices for designing a website headers

Here are the most popular practices that a web application development company can undertake to design the best website header

1. Maintain a consistent design

Though there is no size, shape, or color of a website header, that doesn't mean you can ignore it. You can use it as a design feature to enhance the overall look of your website. It would help if you were sure to strike a balance between being distinct and unified.

Also, ensure that your header doesn't affect how users view your information. With the overall look of your website, you need to ensure that your color schemes and fonts are in line.

2. Use readable fonts

Readability is crucial because it contains some of the most significant and informative elements. Your audience mustn't exert too much effort to understand your text. And so, for your header, you should select a font that is a good representation and easy to read.

3. Hidden navigation

Many web development companies choose hamburgers menus. The navigation menu is represented by an icon that looks like three horizontal lines layered on one another. If you're working with a minimalist website design, then a hamburger menu enables you to give users a wealth of options that save space.

4. Shrinking header

If you want to display your background image and, at the same time, you want to include the header in your website, then shrinking the header is the perfect solution for you. As the visitors scroll down, a shrinking header is intended to blend into the background of your website. Using this header style will have a stunning virtual impact on your website.

5. Mobile header menu

While designing your website header, you can't ignore the mobile. Mobile devices are used by people who don't know or don't have laptops or computers. First, you should have a mobile-friendly header to have a mobile-friendly website. When a website header is responsive, it can change in size and shape depending on the device. A hamburger menu is the best option for mobile devices.

6. CTA (call-to-action)

A solid call to action motivates the visitors to act. There isn't much room in the website header. And so, you must only place the crucial CTA. For example, if you're running a clothing brand, you should add a call-to-action like "Place order." Ensure that your message is clear and can be described in one or two words.


The website header should be your first choice if you want to create an impressive impression on your visitor's and users' minds. So, when building your website, you must pay extra attention to the website header. Always ensure that you keep your website header updated. The abovementioned tips and practices will help you to create a fantastic website header design.

You should hire a web development company to get effective results from the website header. A professional web developmeners will ensure that you're creating a unique and attractive website header.

So, it's time that you prioritize the website header today

A Complete Guide about Establishing a Website for Small Businesses

small business
small business

A Complete Guide about Establishing a Website for Small Businesses

Are you running a small business? 

But for its growth, do you have your website?

This is the point where you’re lacking behind your competitors. Though your business is not getting growth, that can’t be considered an excuse for not having a website. If you don’t have a website, your clients and customers will never take you seriously.

From building credibility to converting leads, the website plants a vital role. When the leads visit your website, and if they find it impressive, it can encourage them to convert into potential customers. And so, your website should work as a mirror that reflects your company.

The primary benefit of having a website is that it can help the leads and customers get in touch with you quickly. However, though you have a website, if you don’t keep it updated, then it might get lost in the massive traffic. And so, you must consult and hire a web development company Dublin that can take care of your website, bring you leads and customers, and grow your business that you haven’t ever imagined.

How to make a small business website?

Here are a few steps that help you launch a successful small business website:

1. Select the best website building platform

The best option is to choose a user-friendly platform that enables you to build a website without any coding experience. If you don't have coding knowledge and experience and want a free platform, then you can use WordPress. WordPress is the right solution for small businesses.

2. Choose your domain name.

When you decide on your website address, you need to consider the following points: Ensure that it is simple to read and spell Include keywords Make it short and precise For choosing the domain name, you can also use various tools. You can register your domain name once you sign up for your hosting.

3. Find a hosting company.

Currently, various hosting companies are ready to help you. Many hosting companies provide 24/7customer support, a free domain name for a certain period, a free SSL certificate, and much more.

4. Select a theme or a template

Whether you go with a WordPress or a website builder, you must choose a theme or a template. Site builders like Weebly categorize templates and offer designs that come with many of the tools and features your site will probably require. There are also site builders where you have to answer some questions, and your custom template will be ready. Remember that if you choose free templates, then they offer limited customization.

5. Personalize your site

The next stage of designing a small business website is to modify the template you've selected. Modifying the template includes editing the page, adding new pages, configuring the header and footer, removing unnecessary pages, and much more.

6. Make your website search engine friendly.

SEO is the practice that can provide a higher ranking to your content. You should have a strong SEO strategy if you want your audience to find you on search engines. And for an effective SEO strategy, you should hire a digital marketing agency. The experts know how to use keywords, optimize the website speed, including external and internal links, and give you better search engine results.

7. Put your website online.

Most website builders recommend building the website privately and then making it public. When your website is ready, before promoting it, you need to check how it will look on mobile and verify the accuracy of your writing; your theme should not contain extraneous material.

8. Modify the CMS's default settings

The majority of website attacks are fully automated. After selecting your CMS, you should immediately alter your default settings. You can control comments, permissions, and user visibility with the CMS settings.

To drive traffic, you must inform your existing customers that you're now available online.

Now, let's look at the few reasons why a website is essential.

Reasons to have a website for your small business

1. Make your brand's values clear

A website makes it easy for visitors to understand your company's values. This covers essential points for the targeted market, which will influence them about whether or not to choose your company. You can convey your message and attract new clients with a website.

2. Increased publicity

The website plays a crucial role in increasing the brand's online visibility. When conducting a Google search, do you prefer a customer to find your company? Of cource, Yes, Right? And for that, you must have your website. Most web designers fail to mention that if your website is not SEO optimized, no one will hear from your company. So, get in touch with the digital marketing agency that can take care of your website and SEO services.

3. Place an order

When you create a website, you must ensure that the customers should be able to place an order from your website. In this busy world, everyone wants the products with just a single click "Buy now."

4. Brand reputation

Every brand exists to gain profit, and an increase in sales can achieve this. And if you've your website, it will instantly boost your brand's reputation, resulting in more sales and clients. This is a crucial justification for why you require a website.

5. It gives you access to compete.

The practical step to putting your website in a position where it can succeed is getting a website. It enables you to market or promote your goods, establish credibility, set yourself apart from the competition, and compete with your rivals. If you aren't online, you aren't in the competition and losing an opportunity.

5. Obtain leads

In this digital world, a website would gather leads of website visitors. And so, for small businesses having a website is crucial. The landing page on your website should include a clear and well-considered call-to-action. Placing the correct CTA's makes the difference between the website that makes money and one that doesn't.


As a small business owner, you should compulsorily have a website in this digital world. An online presence is the only way to reach your audience quickly and effectively. If you don't have a website, the customers will never know that you exist, which can lead you to lose lots of profit.

Reading the above reasons must have given you an explicit knowledge of why your small business requires a website. If you're thinking about where to begin, you can follow the mentioned points to create a successful website for your brand.

We understand you're running a small business. Still, if you don't have enough experience and knowledge in creating a website, you should consult and hire a web application development company. The professional and reputable web development company Dublin will work within your budget and make the best website per your needs and requirements.

So, meet the budget-friendly and best web development company Dublin today!

Why is Website Security Important for any Business?

Why is Website Security Important for any Business?
Website Security

Why is Website Security Important for any Business?

Do you feel that website security is an essential factor for any business?
Yes, Right?
If you’re running a small or well-established business, your users and customers expect you to have a safe and secure online presence.

Well, if your users or customers want to learn anything about your brand, then the first thing they will do is search about your brand website on the search engine from which they can get complete information about your brand.

Thanks to softwares like WordPress, creating a website has become a lot easier. But now, it’s your responsibility to keep your website secure. Most business owners don’t take website security seriously; they face many problems and might lose customers’ interest. So, you must ensure your customers that their data is secured with you, and when they use their credit card for payment, they must be confident that you’ll not misuse their information.

To get a secure website for your brand, consulting and hiring the best web development company Dublin with enough knowledge and experience in maintaining the website’s security is better. The web application development company Dublin will suggest to you the way that how you can secure your website and state the benefits of a safe website.

Steps to improve your website security

Now, let’s discuss some of the effective ways to enhance your website security:

1. Add HTTPS and SSL certificates

To keep your website secure, you must have a specific URL. In case your visitors want to deliver any private information, then rather than HTTP, you must've HTTPS. It prevents giving information to those who don't have the proper authority.

2. Have a website backup

A backup solution is one of the practical and best ways to keep your website secure. It gives you access to multiple solutions that you can try to recover your damaged or lost files. You ought to possess more than one because various backups are crucial to restoring your website. But you should avoid keeping your backup on the same server because, with your website, hackers can also attack your backup.

3. Keep your software up-to-date

If you've installed any script or platform, you need to update it. The hackers aggressively target popular web software, so security holes must be fixed by updating the programs. Thus, every software you use needs to be updated and maintained.

4. A secure host is a must

Your website's security dramatically depends on the web development company you select. Ensure that the web application development company you choose has the knowledge and experience to handle the dangers that can harm your website. You should also ensure that your host provides continuous technical support.

5. Implement a hash password policy

Using secure passwords is crucial, as hackers frequently use complex software to break passwords. So, your passwords should be complex, containing lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and some special characters. Make sure that your passwords have at least ten characters.

6. Scan for vulnerabilities on your website

It's crucial to run regular web security scans looking for server and website vulnerabilities. Scanning for website vulnerabilities becomes essential if you add or change some website components. To understand how secure your website is, many free tools are available.

7. Hire a security specialist

If you're willing to keep your website secure, establishing a relationship with the company that offers security services is essential. Though you know how to handle small things, you must consult and hire a security specialist for high-level security. The security service provider will keep a regular check on the activities of your website.

8. Modify the CMS's default settings

The majority of website attacks are fully automated. After selecting your CMS, you should immediately alter your default settings. You can control comments, permissions, and user visibility with the CMS settings.

9. Keep track of administrative rights and user access

You might initially feel comfortable giving some employees access to your website, expecting they'll not misuse it. Unfortunately, when logging in to CMS, the employees don't consider the website security and focus on the work. And if that case they ignore something important, a severe security issue can arise. And so, before granting permission and access to your employees, you must thoroughly check them out.

10. Get a web application firewall

Ensure that you apply for the web application firewall because it stands between the data connection and your website server. It filters out unwanted traffic like spammers. And so, to protect your website, you must go through every tiny piece of information. Currently, the majority of WAFs available are cloud-based and plug-and-play services.

Reasons why website security is important

Now, let’s discuss the reasons how website security can bring a positive change in your business:

1. Safeguard your assets

Safeguarding your physical equipment is also necessary for securing your website. This is because hackers can steal your customer's personal information and infect your website with viruses. As a business owner, you know the financial commitment required to acquire expensive machinery. And if your machinery gets any virus, you might have to replace it, which can cost you more.

2. Protects your private information

Additionally, many companies develop proprietary data that may not be accessible to the general public. An unprotected website could be easily noticeable by the hacker, and they can quickly access the operation of the businesses. Hackers might even alter crucial information and can force you to rebuild it from scratch. Thus, protecting your website becomes essential if you want to avoid this situation.

3. It gives you leverage in the marketplace.

If you're willing to stay ahead in the competition, you must take the necessary precautions to safeguard your website. This is because website security dramatically reduces your risk of exposure. So, as the website gets attacked frequently, you must take care of it.

4. Gives you peace of mind

Without worrying about cyberattacks, managing the overall business operation is challenging. Though you might not be able to defeat all the problems, you can stop them from harming your website by putting the protection. Knowing that your website is completely protected, you can look after other essential works.

5. Protects your credibility

Before a hacker can spoil your reputation, you must protect your website so that it operates for a long time. In today's world, corporate websites are regularly targeted by hackers, and this negative publicity will only impact the development of the brand. So, protect your website from this situation and maintain the public perception of you as a reliable name.


You must not create a website and forget it as a business owner. Although creating a website is essential, maintaining its security is necessary. So, always remember that you protect your website and customers' data. And for that, you should hire a web application development company with enough experience handling such situations.

So, secure your website if you're willing to grow your business.

A Complete Guide to Leather Business

Leather Business

A Complete Guide to Leather Business

Are you interested in putting your step in the leather industry?
But you don’t have any helping hand that can guide you at each step of your leather business? If yes, then don’t worry; you’re at the right place.

All the professional leather businesses started from where you are right now. And so, Top leather companies operating in the market are a great source of knowledge for entrepreneurs willing to launch a business dealing with leather. Since there are a lot of leather businesses, you can undoubtedly learn a lot from their experiences.

A customer purchases leather products and services from the leather business. A leather business might offer everything from top-notch purses and handbags to leather repair.

If you already have a leather business, then you should have your leather website. And so, you must consult the web development company Dublin that can look after all your website requirements.

Here, we’ll cover everything you need to learn about the leather business.

Leather Business

Here, we’ll give you a complete B2B marketing channel overview.  

The list of top leather business ideas

Now, let’s discuss some of the profitable business ideas:

Some B2B Marketing examples

Reasons to use B2B Marketing Channels.

Here, we bring some of the common reasons for using B2B marketing channels:

1. Leather accessories store

The most lucrative and beneficial business idea is to sell stylish leather accessories and products from a retail location. One of the crucial factors in this leather industry is choosing the ideal product and place for a particular market segment.

2. Leather export

You can think of launching your own leather business if you reside in a nation that manufactures a wide range of leather products. The leather export marketing is well-organized, and the export council department has all the necessary information. You can even partner with companies that produce leather of exportable quality. It would help if you kept in mind that starting a leather business requires a lot of different licenses.

3. Leather bag making

The increase in demand for leather bags is because of the rise in fashion consciousness, especially among the younger generation. Currently, with different leather bags, there are various features in it. The most popular and demandable packs include a laptop, wallet, handbag, and office bag.

4. Leather furniture making

Leather furniture is regarded as a high-end lifestyle item. The demand for leather furniture is increasing day by day. One of the best leather businesses that can be started with a limited capital investment is leather furniture making.

5. Leather gloves making

The gloves are available in a variety of designs. There are lots of types of Men’s and Women’s gloves. Additionally, the gloves industry has a sizeable market. With careful planning and a small investment, any individual can start this leather gloves business.

6. Leather garment making

The leather garment industry keeps itself updated with the latest fashion trends. Thus, the industry’s growth and increased marketability are directly influenced by the new flow in the fashion world.

7. Leather shoe making

The harmful substances and chemicals can cause harm to your feet, and so the leather shoes work as a shield to protect your feet. These shoes are used by various industries like building, chemical, mining, etc. If you’re willing to put in a small investment, then starting the leather shoe business is the best idea.

8. Leather suitcase

In line with the expansion of industrialization, tourism, economic standards, and fashion consciousness, the demand for leather travel bags and suitcases is increasing daily. The key customers of the products tend to be a middle and high-income groups of the businesses and service classes.

9. Leather decorative sheet

The decorative leather sheet is one of the best products to make a stunning accent wall. In the interior design industry, the leather decorative sheet is widely used as a wall panel to embellish the ceiling.

10. Leather wristwatch strap making

In this modern life, the wristwatch has become a necessity—people of every age group and gender use this wristwatch strap daily. As the wrist strap is essential for the wristwatch, there is healthy and beneficial marketing for both watch strap supply and replacement. You can even launch this business from home.

11. Leather Aprons making

The leather apron is a protective clothing item for workers in the industry. Split leather that has been chrome-tanned serve as the main component of this product. The most common type of leather is chrome-tanned split leather because it is less expensive. Additionally, its characteristics make it better suited for leather aprons.

How to start a leather business?

1. Make a business plan

As an entrepreneur, if you’re willing to be successful, you must have a clear business plan. You can use your plan to map out your company’s details and identify some hidden ones. The few crucial subjects to think about are: – How much will be initial costs? – Who will be your targeted audience? – What will be the name of your company? Answering all these questions will help you make your business plan clear.

2. Form a legal entity for the leather business

If, in any case, your leather business gets sued, then creating a business entity like a corporation or LLC shield will help you and prevent you from being personally accountable.

3. File taxes

Before starting and launching your business, you must file for several federal and state taxes. To file for taxes, you can apply for EIN, which is simple and cost-free. Your options about how your business will be taxed depending on the business structure you select.

4. Open a business credit card and bank account.

To protect personal assets, it’s crucial to use business credit and banking accounts. More importantly, establishing business credit can help you get credit cards and other finances in your company’s name. If in any circumstances, your business gets sued and your business and personal accounts are combined, your car, home, or other valuables are at risk.

5. Set up business accounting

Understanding how the financial performance of your business operates depends on keeping track of all your expenses and revenues. Maintaining complete records can also help you in filing your yearly taxes.

6. Get the necessary licenses

If you fail to gather the necessary permits and licenses, it can further lead your business to get sued or completely get shut down. Some state permits are also required to operate your leather businesses successfully.

7. Obtain business insurance

Similar to how a business needs a license, insurance is also essential. The financial stability of your business is safeguarded by business insurance to cover the loss. This is the most important thing for small businesses, and they use it more frequently. For various business types with multiple risks, there are different insurance policy types.

8. Establish your brand

A strong brand can help your company to stand out from the competition. And if you’re confused about how to design your brand logo, you can hire a web development company Dublin that can take care of all your virtual needs.

9. Create a website for your business

The most crucial step is to build a website for your company after designing your logo and defining your brand. If you don’t have enough website-building experience and are concerned about how to create your website, then you can get in touch with a web application development company Dublin. The professional web application development company Dublin will take care of the entire work of the website.


By reading this blog, you must understand that having a leather website is essential to growing your leather business. The experts ensure that your website gives the best user experience. And for that, you must hire a digital marketing agency Dublin that can create your website and satisfy your marketing efforts. So, what are you waiting for? Make the best use of your efforts and create your leather website today! So, adopt the right b2b marketing channel and take your b2b business to the next level.

How to improve your website speed?

A Complete Guide to Leather Business
How to improve your website speed? - Wittytechnicalsolutions

How to improve your website speed?

We don’t have the habit of waiting minutes for a website to load. Because we all love the speedy website that provides quick reactions to our actions. Website speed is a matter of time and significantly impacts a website’s success. If the website loads slowly, the search engine might find that your visitors are not finding your helpful content, which can pull you down from the top results of search engines.

Besides a search engine, website speed is another important: it builds your brand’s perception and trust. Users might consider your website unprofessional and feel like a business doesn’t care about users if your website takes time to load. Thus, you must prioritize website speed if you want an effective website; for that, you must consult a web development company Dublin.

To give you a clear understanding, we’re prepared a guide that provides all the necessary information about website speed. This blog covers:

  • What is Website Speed? 
  • What causes a website to load slowly?
  • Top ways to improve the web speed
  • 2022 website speed statistics

What is Website Speed?

“Website Speed” is all about the speed at which the webpage is downloaded and displays content in the users’ browsers. Every second of time on your website makes a huge difference. Any user only waits for at least 3-4 seconds, and if it takes more time, then a user might leave your website.

What causes a website to load slowly?

Here, we have a list that affects the speed of the website:

1. No CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A CDN serves the website to the user as per the location. It ensures that the website helps users from nearby areas because data has to travel a short distance. Without a CDN, the website will take a long time to open. CDN quicks up the process.

2. Considering unoptimized images

If you put large images with no names, no descriptions, or no tags, they can lead the website to load slowly. Images from Photoshop are considered large files even though they are quality images.

3. Flash content

Flash is an effective tool and makes your website impressive, but at the same point, it slows down the website speed. Flash content has many files, which results in loading the page slowly. Thus, to ignore this situation, you much reduce the size of files.

4. High traffic

You might think that high traffic is a good thing, and how can it be a reason for the website to load slowly? Bandwidth handles the number of visitors to a website. If a Bandwidth has less capacity, then the massive traffic on a website can lead it to load the page slowly.

5. Massive ads

Like videos and images, massive ads can affect the website's speed. Ads not only affect the load time but also irritate the users. And if you allow a third party to handle your ads, it can cause you a problem.

6. Various social sharing buttons

It's beneficial for the website to enable users to share information on social media. Still, too many sharing buttons slows the loading time on the same page. These buttons will work if you add them to your site plugins and have to recover data from that social media sites.

7. Short time

You must be busy with other business activities and can't pay attention to your website performance. So, hiring a web application development company is better to look after your website performance and clean up the mess is better.

Top ways to improve the web speed

Here, we have a list of top ways that can help you to improve your web speed:

1. Reduce HTTP requests

Reducing the count of parts on a page will decrease the demand for HTTP requests and load the website quickly. An HTTP request is made for each element; the more the components, the more it will take time to load. You can decrease HTTP requests by:

  • Combining JavaScript and CSS
  • Use CDN
  • Minimize image file size
  • Minify code

2. Make use of asynchronously loading your CSS and JavaScript files.

Both files can load either synchronously or asynchronously. Synchronously means the download of one file at a time, while asynchronously allows multiple files to download at the same time. It will also result in increasing the website speed.

website speed optimization tips - Wittytechnicalsolutions

3. Select a suitable hosting solution

The hosting solution also plays a crucial role in improving the website's speed and performance. Various highly performed hosting solutions provide speedy performance. The big mistake you commit while selecting the hosting provider is settling with a cheap one that offers poor performance and loads slowly.

4. Defer JavaScript loading

Deferring a file is all about stopping a file from the loading till the other elements get loaded. If you wait for large files like JavaScript, then your other will be downloaded without any problem.

5. Optimize the images

We all know that images change the entire appearance of the website. But it would be best if you prevented using large-size photos. So, the best way to increase page loading is to squeeze and optimize the images. Reducing the file size will reduce the weight of your website.

2022 Website Speed statistics

The following are some of the facts about website speed:

  1. Only 20% of websites’ responses at times less than 312ms
  2. 1 second late in loading the pages reduce the views by 11%
  3. Large websites take 381% more time to load compared to small websites
  4. 79% of online shoppers never visit sites that load too much
  5. 2-3 seconds of load time is enough to provide a better user experience
  6. The websites load fast in Japan, Germany, and Japan
  7. 60 seconds in loading the page reduce user satisfaction by 16%
  8. 50.6% of users blame internet connection for slow loading
  9. A 0.5 extra second in loading the website will drop traffic by 20% 
  10. 45% of Users between 18-24 olds wait for a few seconds for the website to load
  11. The slowest website loading time is in India, Australia, and Brazil
  12. 64% of mobile users expect websites to load within four seconds

You must have understood that not one but many factors affect the website loading speed. And so, you must follow the points mentioned above to increase the loading speed. It’s always better to get a helping hand from a web development company that is an expert in this field and understands every aspect that affects a website. They put all the required efforts into solving the problem from the root. We’re telling you to hire experts to attract customers and increase profits.

So, understand your website speed problem and hire a digital creative agency Dublin that takes the necessary steps and takes your website to the peak.

Top Reasons & Benefits of Custom Web design for your Business Growth

Top Reasons & Benefits of Custom Web design for your Business Growth
benefits of custom web design

Top Reasons & Benefits of Custom Web design for your Business Growth

Why waste money on a custom Web design that doesn’t bring you profit? Confused? You might be thoughtful that why am I saying this. But yes, it’s true.

Have you ever realized that you’re lacking something on your website?
We all know that website is the face of our brand. It conveys your message and helps users to learn about your offerings. The website does justice to all digital marketing efforts. Currently, people spend most of their time scrolling through social media and search engines on their phones or laptop.

You might have a social media presence or strong content, but one thing that is most important among all of them is custom web design. Custom website design helps you to stand out from the group of websites. If you have a unique factor in your website, it will convert visitors into buyers. It’s always best to hire a web development company Dublin to create a unique website that your users will love seeing and buying products from you.

To get a clear idea about custom web design then, let’s move further with reasons:

custom web development

Why do you need a custom web design?

The following are the top reasons for adopting custom website design by a web application development company Dublin:

1. A custom website design won't age quickly.

Working with the templates can be difficult as it has limited features. So, if you need an e-commerce feature, you have to start from the beginning of compromise with a beneficial tool. Therefore, you're forced to switch to the following methods, which require more investment.

2. Improve website for users

Are you making it comfortable for visitors to view your website from small screens? No? Then definitely, you need a change. It would help if you had more significant fonts, quick loading, and all the necessary things troubling the users. They might have to leave the website if they don't get a satisfactory experience.

3. Custom web design gets more ROI

Do you prefer cheap and non-profit websites? No, Right? Everyone wants better profits, even though you have to pay a little more. Don't worry about the custom website design because it will give you excellent ROI.

4. A custom web design is hard to copy

If you're a successful business on the web, then all competitors have to do is copy-paste your template, and there will be no difference between you and your competitors. But if you go with a custom website design, it will be difficult for your competitor to copy it.

5. Stand out from competitor.

It's not worth spending money and time if you make efforts in your template. Your website is your brand's face, so don't you think that your website should be as unique as your brand.

6. Updated content

Being a brand, your content should not be stable. It would help if you kept changing it because users don't like looking at the same thing whenever they visit your website. They should get new things that keep them engaged. But make sure that changes should not be within two or three days because it might confuse the

Benefits of custom web design

Here are some of the benefits of custom website design provided by the web development company:

1. Conveys brand value

Conveying your brand value to the customers is essential. The brand's Logo, Name, Font, Message, and Colour reflects the quality of the services you provide. So, if you go with custom website design services, your web designer will carefully put all these primary points to engage your audience.

2. Easy to expand

Building a custom website design will help you make necessary changes like:

  • Ability to showcase more products
  • Changing or updating the content
  • Modifying the navigation system to meet the user’s needs

If necessary, your web developer can add more features, enabling the business to grow.

3. Your brand stands out from the competition.

How will your target audience differentiate your brand from your competitor? Web design is the best solution for it. Your unique design and way of conveying messages are crucial in helping you stand out from the competition and be easy to remember.

4. Gives the professional image

Custom web design is a magic wand for all businesses. We all are aware that there is a massive difference between templates and web design. And your professional image can be built with web design and can make users trust your brand.

5. It helps you to get a higher rank on search engines.

Search engine optimization always plays a vital role in business growth. So, it's beneficial that your website is designed keeping SEO in mind. When you adopt an SEO strategy, it will help you to rank higher in the search engine. Placing the right keywords, creating a responsive design for mobile and laptop users, making the website user-friendly, and much more make the website impressive and effective.

Some of the eye-catching statistics about web design

Here, we bring you some of the 2022 facts about web design:

  1. 57% of users prefer mobile-friendly websites, and without that, they won’t recommend a business
  2. 48% of people believe that web design is the no 1 factor for brands’ credibility
  3. 22% of marketers say that they stand out with web design
  4. 94% of users believe that web design gives the first impression of the brand
  5. 47% of users want the website to load within 2 seconds (Behaviour and Information technology) 
  6. 94% of online shoppers don’t believe poorly designed web pages ( Blue Corona)
  7. 48% of users think business doesn’t care about their customers if the website is not mobile-friendly. (SAG PIL)
  8. You can add a video to a blog that increases the organic traffic by 157% (Statista)
  9. Adding new videos and images to an old blog increases traffic by 111% (Statista)
  10. 44% of visitors will leave the website without contact information. (KoMarketing)
  11. 9 out of 10 customers believe that a good user experience is necessary (Ecousultancy) 
  12. 65% of marketers believe that visual assets are essential for a brand
  13. 40% of users use smartphones and laptops to search for any product
  14. 59% of users love scrolling websites with impressive design 
  15. When searching for a business, 88% of mobile users call that business within 24 hours


Here, we hope you’ve carefully understood how a custom website design can completely change your business growth. It’s advisable to hire a digital creative agency Dublin that offers custom web design services and will provide precisely what you want. They’ll give the necessary time to every aspect of your web development process. A reputable company, we’ll design your website to provide the best user experience. 

So, leave the template and adopt a custom web design today!

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?
web development future - wittytechnicalsolutions

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?

We all have noticed that the growth of Web development is continuously increasing but do you think it will be the same in the future? Today, we depend on websites for all our needs, which is why an improved website is essential.

In earlier times, data sharing and communication were the primary use of websites but nowadays, from communication and banking to purchasing, we all depend on websites for everything. So, it would be great if you did not get confused about whether to invest in web development or not. But to get effective results, hiring a web development company Dublin is advisable.

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?

What is Web Development?

Web development is all about the process that occurs behind the scenes and presents a unique and quick functional website. Web development includes web content development, server-side scripting, web design, network security configuration, and much more.

The web developer takes the necessary actions to manage a website and provides the best user experience. They are high in demand and are considered the best career option.

Hiring a web application development company Dublin will take your Website to the next level.

In 1989, British scientist Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web to interchange information between scientists and institutes. In 1993, Tim Berners Lee introduced the first HTML and then in HTML version2 in 1995, HTML versions 3 and 4 in 1997 and last, HTML version 5 in 2011.

In the first version, HTML was not so good-looking, so Hakon Wium Lie invented the first draft of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and then in 1997, CSS version 2 was introduced, which is widely used in most browsers.

Then, in 1995, Brandan Eich came up with Java Script, previously known as Mocha. So this is the history of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that we use in our current lives.

Why is Web Development essential for business growth?

You may be thinking that business growth depends only on sales and profits. But no, you’re mistaken. You should also consider the process that leads to sales. Wonder, if your Website is not healthy functioning, then users might lose interest and can also think of it as a fraud. To get clear ideas, let’s understand the importance of web development in points:

1. Improves Brand Awareness

No matter you’re a small or big business, you need a website to make users learn about your services and products. A website attracts organic traffic and leads to an increase in sales and profit.

2. Website development also involves marketing

If you have a unique and well-functional website, it will be easy for you to market your products and services. There will be no need to invest in other marketing methods like putting news in newspapers or putting hoarding.

3. Gets better ROI

We understand that to get web development; you need to hire a web developer, which can be considered an investment. You might be thinking, how? Think like a web developer will create a great website, and that Website will generate more profit, so, of course, hiring a web developer is an investment.

4. Attracts organic traffic

Nowadays, users depend on search engines to get the best websites that provide their required services. Placing the right keyword in your content will help your Website easily get found.

5. Available anytime

A call-person at a business cannot be available 24/7 to tell users about your products and services, so here is where the Website enters the frame. Users can use your Website anywhere and anytime to get reliable information.

website presence

How does a Website build a strong presence of business?

1. Manage your content

We all believe that good content attracts traffic. But to prepare good content, you need to make it unique, relevant, and easy to understand. With a proper web development process, you can know whether your content is appropriate for the user or requires some changes. Good content is necessary to deliver your message and vision to the visitors.

2. Understand and attract search traffic

A proper web development process is crucial in understanding and attracting search traffic. Users always have the habit of typing the keyword and searching for websites, so if you use those right keywords in your Website, you can appear in the top 10 list o search engine. Website traffic helps us to:

  • Understanding the needs of the right audience
  • Getting better ROI
  • Conversion of visitors into customers

3. Analyze and take actions

The web development process will help you analyze your website performance, measure conversion rates, assess visitor engagement, and monitor backlinks. And if you want to make a successful digital marketing strategy, you should not ignore web development.

4. Building a Content Hub

Blogs are essential for content marketing activities. So, you can publish blogs on your social media platform to bring your visitors to your Website. You can also use inbound links that get the users to the critical part of the Website.

5. Keeping Ownership

Owing your web address and Website will help protect your brand from a third party. Also, owning a domain name is essential for every brand and its presence because it not builds your strong brand but also keeps the visitors engaged.

2022 Web Development Statistics you need to know

Here are some of the eye-catching statistics you need to know:


At last, there is a high huge of internet, and so an improved Website is essential for the users to get quick response. Online presence is necessary for every business because, without virtual reality, your users will not be able to understand your brand. Thus, web development will continue to exist in the future.

But, you get someone who looks after your web development process is necessary, so you must hire a digital creative agency.

So, without thinking, hire a web developer today!

Why is Web Development Important for Business Growth?

Web Development company
Web Development company

Why is Web Development Important for Business Growth?

While reading the word Web Development, specific questions might have arrived in your mind like:
What is web development?
What is the process of web development?
Why is web development important for business?

Yes? Right. In this era where everything works digitally, your brand needs to have a web presence. Various web development companies in Dublin are available to look after your web presence. If you don’t have a website that supports the audience’s needs, all your efforts are in vain.

So, know you no longer have to get confused about why web development is essential.

What is Web Development?

The web development process concerns web content, web design, network security configuration, client-side scripting, and front-end and back-end development. It involves satisfying clients’ needs and making it easy for them to find information, get contact details, book appointments or order a product. It’s always better to hire a web development company so that you can look at other activities of your business.

What is the process of web development?

To create a successful website, you must follow specific steps.

1. Gather information

It's obvious to gather complete information about the project you are working on. Learn about business goals and expectations from the clients. And the same way, learn about the client's needs and expectations from the business. By gathering all this information, you need to make the best use of it through the website.

2. Prepare a plan

You need to make a list of specific goals for your website. You have to make the list of information you want to provide on your website, like "educate them about your products or services," "give access to purchase a product from your website," or "book an appointment." You must act per your business goal throughout the web development process.

3. Organize the pages

Here, organizing the pages means the pages that will include in your website. You've to list down the pages that will contain different information like contact details, products, order process, and much more. This will help you to mention all the essential points.

4. Register a domain name

Always create your domain name from your brand name to make it easy for the user to find your website. Keeping a short domain name is recommended because users find it difficult to type or find a brand with a large domain.

5. Perfect content and layout

While creating a website, the web developer should create informative content. The web developer should use content that is easy to understand. Also, all the color schemes and font should be perfect. It should not be larger or smaller.

6. Launching the site

Before launching the website, you must check all the information and design. You must take specific steps to ensure the website is working correctly. After all the verification, you can successfully launch your website.

Importance of website development

Website development informs the users about the products and services the brand offers. The high-quality content and images on the website will strongly influence the user’s mind. Here are some of the importance of web development:

1. Easily accessible

The brand can't always be available on the phone to tell the customers about the products and services, so, on their behalf, the website is available 24/7. The website provides every detail about the products and services to the users.

When customers visit the website to purchase a product, all the available options are used to place an order.

2. Brand face

Your website is your brand's face. It conveys your message to the customers. The bold letter, images, and videos communicate with the customers on your behalf. All these points can be helpful for your brand to be easily recognized.

3. Expanding the business

If you're dreaming of growing your business, the best way is to have a strong web presence. All the data gathered from the website help businesses make the correct managerial decisions. By updating your website, you can engage the customers to stay on your website.

4. Attracting traffic

A well-designed website is essential for attracting traffic. The web developer posts content per the keywords, and when the customers use those keywords, your content and website pop up at the top, which can attract traffic.

5. Establish credibility

Web development helps your customers to trust your brand. Your website can help you to convey your message, ideas, and products to your customers. Customers always purchase the product from the website that comes on the top list. If a customer changes their decision to buy from you, they'll remember your website and will consider it in the future.

6. Improves reliability

The website is a link between customers and brands. The website represents your business online. How you define your company will decide how many customers it will attract to your brand. Your mentioned experience, skills, products, and services will gain the confidence of the visitors.

Bottom Line

Until now, you must have realized that a website is essential for any business’s growth. Without a website, it won’t be possible for you to have a strong presence in customers’ minds. If you’re willing to start your own business or create a website, you must consider visiting the digital creative company.

A skilled and experienced website development company will look after all your website development needs. They carefully listen to all your needs and will craft your website according to them.

So, to streamline your business growth, website development is the best option for you.
Lastly, we believe this blog must have guided you in creating an effective website for your users.

Why do businesses in Dublin need to hire a Web development company?

Web development company dublin
Web development company dublin

Why do businesses in Dublin need to hire a Web development company?

Research shows that 94.4% of people start a new business in Dublin. Most of the business covers, food & beverage, Tourism, Retail, Information, and communications technology, and the Media industry. Now, in this competitive digital era, how one can survive without an online presence?

Today, every business must have an online presence. Investing in a web developer is wise whether you’re a startup or an established company. The best way to reach the most customers is through the company’s online presence, which won’t waste your time or energy.

Creating a user-friendly website allows the business to compete in the larger market. Therefore, working with a web development company that is both creative and skilled makes sense. Any reputable web development company will have the necessary knowledge and expertise to increase the company’s presence and assist in achieving its objective.

The functions of the Web Developer

Before hiring one, you must be aware of a web developer’s responsibilities. A web developer’s primary responsibility is to design simple websites for users to navigate.

The following are the duties of a web developer:

Additionally, they are in charge of identifying and correcting potential errors on both new and existing websites.

Things to take into account before choosing a web development company

Business owners should leave a good impression on the client. Therefore, a few things should be taken into account before choosing a web developer for your website:

Considerations when choosing a web development company

We know that various web development Dublin companies are in the market, making it difficult to choose the best one. Here, we’ll go over a few things that will make it easier for you to pick out and choose the best web development company.

1. Portfolio and excellence

The first thing to consider when hiring a web development company is its portfolio. A competent business will have an impressive list of completed projects in its portfolio. To determine whether they can complete the task for you or not, you must consider their prior work.

2. Support

The best indication that they offer top-notch services is their continuous support to the clients. A reputable business will help you in ignoring potential issues in the future.

3. Understands your needs

Before hiring a web development company, you must consider whether or not they give importance to the client's needs. They must be able to listen to clients' needs and take necessary actions according to them.

4. Responsive

Before hiring, you must consider whether or not a web development company prioritizes the clients' needs. They must be able to pay attention to clients' needs and respond accordingly.

5. Meeting deadline

Always pay attention to how quickly the web developer responds to all of your inquiries. Any company's responsiveness is an essential component.

6. Budget

Every business is constantly concerned about the budget. However, never choose a web development company based solely on price. Determine whether it is advantageous to pay them the requested amount by comparing their quality of service.

Reasons to hire a web development company.

You might be confused about why to hire a professional web development company and so here are various reasons why Dublin businesses need to hire a web development company:

1. Utilize the recent technology

Professional web developers stay current on emerging trends and technologies. For instance, when customers are looking for the best restaurants, a food-responsive website is crucial. Web designers are aware of this and will adjust the website's design accordingly.

2. Increases visibility

If the website is listed among the top results on the search engines, it can be considered a successful marketing and sales tool for the business. Without SEO, the website won't be visible because it won't be on the first page of Google. Therefore, a website developed by a reputable web development company draws visitors.

3. Saves time

Creating a website is not an easy task, and it requires time. While creating a website, you must consider its design, the information to be put, and its functionality. So, hiring a professional web developer will save you time as they have experience in it and organize things properly.

4. Trustworthy

When a company doesn't live up to its customer's expectations, it quickly receives negative reviews, and due to this, they either get better or goes out of business. So, web developers build their business on trust, and it's easily noticeable in their online reviews.

5. Mobile-friendly

Missing out on the mobile-friendly can exclude most potential clients who use tablets or mobiles to browse the web. A reputable web development company can utilize technology to its fullest potential to create a website adaptable to all devices.

6. Customized design

The website design is the most crucial element in creating a website. Without a background in design, your website might look unattractive or impersonal. A skilled and experienced web developer can create a personalized design that will give your website a unique appearance and set it apart from competitors' websites.

7. Stable

A skilled web development company will prioritize building a strong, stable, and secure website while minimizing the possibility of a website breaking. Experts with lots of experience will help prevent emergencies and guarantee better uptime.

8. Ongoing Assistance

Once the website is created, your relationship with the developer will maintain. When you hire a web developer, you can feel assured that you have someone who can deal with all website problems.

9. Speedier load time

Improving the bottom line and providing a better user experience depends on the speed at which your website loads. So, with the right tools, the web developer can create a speedy loading website. With the help of a professional web development company, you can feel assured that your website has excellent features.

10. Building a positive image

Web development is crucial for your company's reputation as a whole. Customers are looking for credibility to determine whether they can trust you. Besides developing your brand's reputation, it's about making people recognize your influence in the field. Professional web developers will help you stand out from the competition and build a positive image in the mind of customers.


By reading this, you may have understood that creating a website is tedious and expensive. But because it’s the primary way that customers interact with the brand, it needs to be visually appealing. Employing a web developer is a significant decision regardless of the business size. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced web developer is strongly advised.

The web development company in Dublin will be in charge of designing the website and managing its operations and difficulties. Because they have faith in the web’s excellent performance, design, and management, the company will be able to concentrate on the critical tasks at hand.