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Which e-commerce platforms suit you best for Wholesale?

Wholesale e-commerce increased 1.17 times quicker than US manufacturing and distribution sales.

If you’re willing to begin your B2B e-commerce website, then you must be in a maze regarding choosing an online wholesale e-commerce platform. To get out of this maze, you must first learn its pros and cons.

A brief examination of the B2B sector is provided here, along with a thorough explanation of current B2B e-commerce options. You’ll discover the many kinds of B2B e-commerce users who are eager to make use of your website. We’re prepared this guide for the ones which are worn out by searching for the best wholesale eCommerce platform. Additionally, our comparison of B2B e-commerce platforms can save time and give you an accurate idea of what a wholesale eCommerce platform should be.

Before starting the process, you must ensure that you have a helping hand called a web development company that is always ready to guide you in selecting a wholesale eCommerce platform.

B2B is a very reliant market. And now, most b2b clients expect wholesale b2b website platforms to welcome wholeheartedly as b2c online stores do.

The best five features of the wholesale website platform

Whether the customer journey will be longer or shorter is decided by the features of the eCommerce platform. So, you must be cautious while selecting a b2b eCommerce platform.

When you’re putting your hands into developing your wholesale eCommerce website, you should be familiar with the best b2b eCommerce website. To make things easy for you, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best five features of b2b e-commerce when you’re looking for a suitable platform:

Synchronization of data from various channels

Currently, the customer journey involves a variety of channels and devices. Both b2c and b2b customers frequently conduct online research before contacting sales staff. Compared to single-channel retail, selling your products across numerous channels often results in 190 per cent more sales.

Although multi-channel retail may seem like a simple way to make enormous profits, there is a drawback. As all client data, payment details, and delivery specifics are located on many websites, distributing via channels, marketplaces, and platforms has become exceedingly difficult. If you’re careful, this could result in losing or sending clients the correct orders.

The excellent point is using an eCommerce platform that synchronizes various channels. This will make it easy for you to examine all orders from your admin panel.

Including third parties in the website's back end

The b2b eCommerce website is one of many options to keep your customers engaged. There are various presale points like ads, content, and research. Most b2b e-commerce websites keep satisfying customers by offering a post-sale experience that includes cross-selling, upselling, achievement, and onboarding.

Your eCommerce b2b website should include capabilities like integration with various tools and platforms to handle all customer interactions. The b2b website’s features, like interactions with other devices and platforms, can manage multiple customer interactions.

Interaction helps to understand customer behaviour. Why is this necessary for your business? Let me clarify.
According to to 86 per cent of consumers, personalization influences their purchases. In addition, 52 per cent of consumers say they will move to a different company if they cannot customize their communications.

Integrating e-commerce websites with other tools results in a more individualized shopping experience for customers. This is why integrating a third-party platform will help you attract more devoted clients.

Chances to use content marketing

When it’s to content marketing, nothing is sudden. This strategy raises exposure and recognition, drawing customers into the sales funnel.

Content marketing is effective for SEO and search engines and for educating your customers about your company, products, or services. Remember that keywords make you more visible to potential customers than other retailers.

Which visual content should you use for a b2b eCommerce website? There are various options like blog posts, videos, infographics, and landing pages. You can get in touch with web design and development companies.

Customer support

The delays in communication between sales representatives and customers can affect negatively.

Your chance of making a sale will reduce if you’re 5 minutes late interacting with customers. To maintain your sales, you should conduct a follow-up within just minutes. You can do this either by phone or email.

You can add live chat communication to your b2b e-commerce capabilities list to streamline the communication process.

Ninety-two per cent of respondents claimed that live chat is preferable for contacting businesses because they get responses as soon as possible.

B2b commerce site with a mobile version

Modern internet shops now have a wealth of opportunities because of the growth of mobile technologies. It is not confidential that mobile devices are used by b2b and b2c customers more frequently than PCs. As a result, having a mobile-friendly website is essential.

And for this, having a mobile application development company can be a relief.

Some e-commerce designs do not offer clients a seamless mobile experience. And so, eCommerce websites should be in charge. Customers will benefit from this optimization by having a simple catalogue view and checkout experience, enhancing your sales.

Online businesses can quickly find the flaws in online shops by utilizing mobile-friendly tests. The key concept is that potential customers should have an easy and pleasant purchasing experience, even on mobile devices.

What should ideal wholesale eCommerce platforms appear?

You may get a good notion of the essential characteristics of the appropriate b2b e-commerce platforms from the choices below:

  • It ought to fully satisfy your business’s requirements
  • Given that your firm will likely expand, the platform should be scalable
  • It ought to offer a variety of interactive elements
  • You ought should feel at ease using the administrative panel
  • Your clients should have a smooth voyage
  • It ought to give you and your clients more data and payment processing security


Before choosing one, consider comparing the characteristics of the popular b2b eCommerce platforms because not all eCommerce systems are appropriate for wholesale business.

Thus, you make your wholesale e-commerce platform look like best hire website developer.

The best wholesale eCommerce platforms

If you’re looking for an eCommerce platform for your b2b business, then you must undertake some of the below points:

  • PCI security 
  • Payment options
  • Functionality for self-service
  • Mobile commerce
  • Top-notch level scalability
  • Personalized pricing
  • Buying history
  • Wish-lists
  • Front-end fusion
  • Visibility in search results
  • Upselling and cross-selling


In light of this, let’s examine contemporary eCommerce options in more detail.



BigCommerce is the most powerful eCommerce platform for drop shipping because it supports integration with the most widely used commerce programmes. You can succeed in b2b online retail with the help of this potent online shop builder while also saving money and time. BigCommerce comes with a large selection of eCommerce tools. Users can communicate with clients via social media platforms through platforms.


Shopify Plus

The most excellent eCommerce platform for Wholesale is Shopify, which currently powers over a million online stores. Businesses, including L'Oreal, Adidas, Motorola, and Tesla, use this platform. These businesses are renowned for dominating the B2B market.

The advantages of Shopify Plus are:

  • Utilizing a single backend to control several internet stores
  • Separate retail locations for export sales
  • Twenty sales channels are available on your merchant dashboard
  • Avalara-based integrated taxation
  • The platform has an 8,000-orders-per-minute capacity
  • 1500 tips for virtually all business requirements
  • SSL certificate for the shop and checkout


Friendly personalization options make this open-source platform attractive. Even from the start, an internet store is possible. Themes that have been expertly built and include the most widely used payment gateways, unique service tools, and rapid setup features are all included with PrestaShop.

B2b companies can use a variety of modules to build their eCommerce website and tailor the platform to their needs. Customers consequently get a fully functional b2b website for their wholesale business.

One of the 38 b2b modules for PrestaShop is available for usage. Popular modules include

  • B2b HT billing
  • B2b approved user registration; visitor cost is hidden 
  • B2b business private shop module
  • Bill sans taxes
  • VAT1 split price display with tax including and tac exclusive
  • The administrator has verified customer registration


An excellent solution for small to medium-sized retailers is Shopware. The platform is highly adaptable, developer-friendly, and feature-rich. Shopware's modular architecture enables a swift business launch. Shopware gains traction, and its average user base grow to 18,000 people.

The platform offers a variety of offers a wide range of features in terms of native functionality as compared to its rivals. The main characteristics of Shopware are:

  • Enough broad and straightforward content
  • Management skills
  • Drag and drop layouts for designs
  • Talents from multiple countries
  • Tools for managing products and a rich and versatile catalogue
  • Browsing, merchandising, and advertising features
  • Excellent technical assistance
  • An enormous b2b suite


The Forester Wave recognized Magento as one of the top b2b eCommerce platforms. You would likely agree after reading about the B2B capabilities that this platform provides for its users. What advanatges may Magento offer b2b online retailers?

Magento is a feature-rich platform that will aid online merchants in achieving challenging corporate objectives.

Consider that Magento commerce has 100 built-in capabilities for wholesale retail if you believe it will be the most excellent fit for you.

Some of the excellent features provided by Magento are:

  • Robust marketing
  • Native b2b capabilities that are extensive
  • Dependable, cloud-based trade
  • Personalized shopping occasions
  • B2b and b2c on the same platform
  • Backend system integration is simple
  • Multiple sales channels
  • Assistance with corporates accounts


Leading eCommerce platform Salesforce has extensive unique features. It is a clever solution for wholesale organizations that enables them to meet the different requirements of each B2B client and streamline each step of the purchasing process. Salesforce provided b2b suppliers with modern solutions for increasing conversion rates and cultivating a loyal customer base. Simple marketing strategies are less effective in complex b2b businesses, which is why Salesforce is crucial.

The Salesforce provides benefits like:

  • Personalized experience
  • Modern growth strategies
  • Mobile friendly functionality
  • Self-service experience

Final thoughts

We hope our article helped you choose the right b2b eCommerce platform for your business. If you still have any doubts, you must talk to a digital creative agency that can help you make your online wholesale shop a success.

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