Guide: Creating a Magento or Shopware Electronic Device Store or Marketplace

Guide: Creating a Magento or Shopware Electronic Device Store or Marketplace

Home electronics and appliances have evolved into our constant companions. They are known for saving your time and effort. Electronic stores are the BEST.

Now, buyers have many options on their plates because the manufacturers keep coming up with new and updated models. Also, online stores are gaining popularity because now every purchase covers delivery. To run a successful online electronic store, you can take the help of a web development company USA to make an effective website.

But now, one question pops up in my mind. I.e.

How to open an online electronic store? And what ways to adapt to gain profits?

We have a solution to this question. Here, we’ve prepared a guide to making opening an online electronic store easier.

So, now, let’s dive into it

A summary of the electronic device market

As per a survey, “online electronic sales account for the most significant portion of eCommerce retail, with a 22% market share.

Additionally, it is anticipated that US e-commerce retail sales will reach $709.78 billion in 2022. In 2022, the global market for electronic goods will be worth $1 trillion.

The electronic products sector is anticipated to see a tremendous boost for the following reasons:

  • Construction of smart cities
  • Using new technologies in electronic items
  • Growing usage of digital devices
  • The expansion of the Internet of Things

No matter if it was a pandemic or some difficulty, the sales of electronic goods never went down. That means electronic goods sales kept rising every year. So, this implies that your decision to open an online electronic store is correct.

But on the other side, some things might prevent the electronic goods market from expanding in the future.

Points to take into account before start selling electronic items

Before getting into action, you should understand the overall concept and process and work as an engine for an online store. Business is risky and highly competitive, so you need to go through every small detail to ensure the success of your business.

So, what's your plan before starting an online electronic store


The idea of range electronics is vague. So, you must ensure that your online store website works on every gadget like mobile, laptop, and computer. And for this, you should get in touch with a mobile application development company. Now, We'll group it into numerous categories for your ease:

  • Tablets, laptops, computers
  • Accessories and smartphones
  • Camcorders and cameras
  • Audio gear video game consoles
  • Projectors, TVs, and home theatre systems
  • Intelligent devices like watches, locks, key fobs, and so forth
  • Hefty household appliances

The intended audience

Earlier the typical customers of an online electronic store were techno-savvy teens or computer geeks, but NOW older people have also started buying from online electronic stores.

Now, let's move on to the point where we've to examine various electronics and consider their target audience. Currently, everyone right from the age of 3 to 70, is attracted a lot towards smartphones and laptops. Most people are now fashionable, so they're more interested in intelligent gadgets and exciting stuff. And thus, the target audience is becoming more specific.

Therefore, it's crucial to comprehend the target market for your products and, using this information, develop techniques for marketing your online electronic store.

Environment criteria

Environmental safety has recently risen to the forefront of people's minds as it has become crucial when selecting a brand or business to promote. Ecological safety is a significant concern for businesses. Companies are looking for greener assembly solutions due to increasing awareness of environmental change, particularly in the electronic sector. Techniques like carbon top and carbon exchange are being researched to produce green electronics. The ecological criteria outlined in ISO 140001 and ISO 26000 will be attempted to be met by an electronic device rather than those who care about the environment and works to reduce any harmful effects on it.

Difficulties in the electronic device sector

Companies need to reach swiftly and be creative to prosper in the cutthroat climate of electronics production. To survive over time, businesses must discover answers to new issues in the sector. However, problems in the electronic industry might be related to more than just products. Here are a few significant obstacles that the electronics sector may encounter.

A convoluted supply chain brought about by COVID-19.

The coronavirus pandemic occasionally causes problems with the supply of electronic gadgets, which results in additional issues and the use of substantial resources. Because factories in Asia, where most electronics items are made, have stopped manufacturing, global shipments have fallen drastically. As the epidemiological situation gradually improves, manufacturers are resuming their previous speed, yet there is still a problem. Governments occasionally forbid planes or cargo from crossing borders into countries due to quarantine regulations, which delay selling of electronic items.

Electronic device retailers should concentrate their efforts in this market climate on the precise and long-term planning of materials, including supply chain management at a top-notch level. As a result, the possibility of delivery delays will be reduced, and they will be able to meet their duties as anticipated. Consolidating orders, which lowers shipping costs, is an equally crucial component of supply planning to guarantee efficient operation.

Lower product life cycle duration

A product's time on the market is called its life cycle. There are four stages:

  • Introducing yourself to the market
  • Sales increase
  • Maturity or saturation
  • Sales drop
The characteristics of the sales market determine how long a product's life cycle will last. The consumer electronics market isn't slowing down in this scenario. Contrarily, consumer trends and preferences are rapidly shifting, and the market is speedily absorbing either updated versions of tried-and-true products or completely new ones. Because of this, product life cycles are getting shorter; thus, well-run, effective electronic businesses need to understand how to swiftly and inexpensively retool their production lines to satisfy consumers' current wants.

Your Rivals

Competition is required to run the market as it encourages businesses to enhance their offerings and develop new strategies to draw clients. The following advice will help you stand out from other stores and establish a strong position.

To start an online electronics business, you should research your nearest rivals' websites, go through their categories and inspect their products, payment policies, and delivery schedules. Also, to ensure that you avoid repeating the mistake made by your rival's website, you should hire a developer to create the best website for your online electronic store. The key goal is to perform better since you want to make profits and are interested in something other than owning an online domain name.

Adhering to chips on the site is a fantastic method to differentiate yourself from your rivals. It's crucial to observe the prices of competitors. No one requires you to offer your products at 50% less, but if the proprietors of the nearby stores are giving their consumers a week of holiday discounts, you must also provide the perk.

Try these seven tried-and-true tips:

  • News that has not yet been made public
  • Raffles, promotions, and competition
  • Excellent cash back and bonuses
  • A programme that rewards members, like a savings card
  • Exceptional support and prompt feedback
  • Free delivery when purchasing more than a specific amount and the ability to return or exchange a product
You likely believe it is impossible to produce a new product due to the enormous market expansion. Thus, internet business owners consistently develop novel techniques to delight spoiled clientele. Consider unique packaging, such as printed with the client's name, and a distinct approach. Follow the passion that will make your website famous!

How do you create a Magento or Shopware-based online electronics store?

A pleasant and challenging task is setting up an online store. You must interact with customers, process payments, and maintain balances. But selecting the platform you want to employ will be your first obstacle. Processing payments and managing inventory are made considerably simpler by choosing the best e-commerce platform.

We want to discuss the Magento and Shopware platforms given our experience in e-commerce development. Both are open-source systems with communities of developers and store owners, enabling limitless personalization and scalability as your business expands. On the other hand, they all possess a variety of distinctive qualities.

Magento primarily targets massive businesses in the US and UK markets. It is an effective platform for building small and large internet shops. Magento is significantly more flexible than its rivals in the eCommerce industry. For instance, it supports themes and plugins and has built-in SEO features. It is also very secure.

The market for German-speaking consumers can use shopware. The shopware development team offers unique and practical answers to clients’ business demands when creating an online shop from the ground up. The web design and development team can enhance your website even if you currently operate an online business.

Basic features of Shopware and Magento for electronic device store

Certain built-in functionalities must be present in your online electronics store. They greatly simplify and clarify how the consumer interacts with the product, ultimately increasing sales in your store. We’ve completed a list of essential features for an electronics shop.

We suggest the following user types for electronics store websites:
Logging in, registering, and creating a profile

To collect data about users and encourage them to return to the website, you will require user authorization and registration; a personal profile is an avenue for communication with your client.



The user should be quickly drawn to the electronics website's homepage. It is preferable if you include details or a slider on the homepage so that any gadget lover can find a device in your store. It should be global to please all consumers and keep them on the website so they may view the catalogue.


Product Listing

A product catalogue is a piece of marketing collateral that provides clients with all the information they need to purchase. Don't forget to include all pertinent information about the product in the catalogue, including the name and model of the electronics, the size, and weight, the price, the accessibility, the pictures, and so on. To assist the consumer in finding the required things in just a few clicks, you should create user-friendly filter options and sorting options for the electronics store.


Page detailing products

The product detail page must be well-structured. The details displayed frequently include the product description, delivery details, price, feedback choices, and other pertinent data that customers would find helpful before making a purchase. It is beneficial to display documents connected to the items on the product description page to give the buyer as much information as possible. The number of purchases in your store can be considerably increased by connected products and items that can be purchased together.


Shopping cart and checkout

Regarding conversions, the consumer journey's destination is the shopping cart page. Your electronic store's cart page user interface needs to be focused on the user. A mini-cart, pop-up window, or fast glimpse of the cart are effective strategies because they keep clients informed throughout the purchasing process. The cart page, which is even more crucial for turning visitors into consumers, is extended to the checkout page. Therefore, it should be as user-friendly as the earlier conversion pass phases.

Administrators can try to properly serve website users b providing them with comfortable conditions on the website by utilizing the following fundamental functionalities:

Catalogue pricing policies and shopping cart pricing policies

The conditions for your website's sale prices are simple to design. They apply to all users and products in the catalogue, or you can specify particular conditions and client groups who are allowed to purchase things at a specified price. You can set its duration to avoid manually altering or updating each sale condition.


Order control

You may manage your orders with the robust ogre management functionality by viewing a list of all your orders. You can check the order at each stage to make sure the consumer is happy with the services by your shop.


Content management

Manage your content with ease. The website's page can be modified, deleted or added as necessary. Without the assistance of a developer, you may update and administer the entire website.


Product administration

All of the things that the website sells can be managed by an administrator. You can construct category hierarchies, assign goods to categories, and easily include, update, and delete products.

To include or change products in the system, utilize the import and export features. You can have all materials, photographs, and related and cross-sale products.


Customer service

The website's administrator has access to comprehensive data on each user's activity on the site and a list of all the website's registered users. You may use this information to understand your clients better and adapt your website to meet their demands.


Configurations and settings

Several settings and options are already configured as defaults for your store to run smoothly as soon as you make a purchase. You won't need a developer to make any simple adjustments or enhance your store.

Popular e-commerce add-ons for your Magento electronics store

Your online electronics store will be able to increase its features and offer your customers the finest user experience with additional modules. As a result, we suggest adding the following extensions to your Magento website to enhance its functionality.

Product pre-order
Buyers are alerted about products that will soon be available online using the Product pre-order extension. This expansion is helpful if you have a wide selection of products in your electronics store. The pre-order feature makes it very simple for store owners to have the complete collection of electronics in stock at once. When a customer orders, the retailer receives a pre-order and must wait a few days for the merchandise to arrive.

An email notifying the customer that the product has been dispatched follows. An email notifying the customer that the product has been delivered follows. The administrator may ask for a full or partial prepayment of an order. It's a good idea to include a pre-order extension. Even if the items are out of stock, customers still receive their orders, and the business doesn't lose a client.
Out-of-stock notification
Customers are constantly looking for a good deal, and if the price is lower than that of rivals, they can even be prepared to wait till the goods are delivered. If a consumer regrets a product that is out of stock, you may give them the option to reserve the item and notify them when it becomes available. This prevents a firm from losing a client and offers a great chance to gather data about user activity.

When an item is restocked, the administrator can notify clients or website visitors using the out-of-stock notification module. With the use of this extension, store managers may better understand customer preferences, alert customers, and adjust inventory levels in response to demand.
Pickup store
If you own a warehouse or online shop where consumers may browse or choose products, this extension is perfect for you. Your consumers have two options at the pickup store: online shopping or in-store pickup. With this module, customers can choose the location, day, and time to pick up their orders, so you can arrange your time without worrying.

To succeed in the electronics industry, it is crucial to consider and meet every user's needs. The customer typically chooses another store when a website offers shipping alternatives and no pickup options. Pickup as a shipping option can boost sales because electronics can be expensive and bulky.

You can choose to display specific details about each point of sale in the presentation of your locations.

Frequently used e-commerce plugin for your Shopware store

While Shopware 6 currently has capabilities that can meet any user’s needs, you can still easily integrate outside solutions into your project to personalize it further. Here are some fantastic Shopware add-ons for your electronic gadget store.

Discarded cart
With the help of that extension, you can keep track of consumers who leave shopping carts empty and email them to let them know they have unfinished orders. It also implies that the administrator may see every consumer who abandoned their basket after adding things and nudge them to send another letter to finish the order.

This will prevent your company from losing customers on its website, and it is an excellent method to learn more about the electrical goods your customers are most likely to want to purchase.
Store pickup
Your customers may now independently pick up their purchases from the store using the Click & Collect feature of the Shopware 6 store pickup plugin. This is crucial for clients who want their assets as soon as possible. Your clients can now select how they want to pick up their orders. A list of locations where this product is kept is opened with a single mouse click, and the product's availability is shown right away. A handy radius search also includes store details like maps, hours of operation, and contacts.

How to convert a Magento or Shopware online electronics store into a marketplace?

In the e-commerce industry, the marketplace business model has gained popularity. Experts claim that consumers keep using this format.

What advantages do markets offer?
  • A marketplace's broad selection enhances the possibility of selling more products to customers.
  • A marketplace has a lot more clients than a typical internet store. This enables the market to maintain low pricing, attract new suppliers, launch diverse promotions, and foster advantageous purchasing circumstances.
  • A substantially shorter chain of intermediaries characterizes marketplaces. The cost of the items is reduced. As a result, the seller has a competitive edge, and the client has access to more things.
  • The marketplace facilitates trade and serves as a communication channel between sellers and buyers. The manufacturer can follow changes more quickly, know what is in demand, and so on.
  • The marketplace business model effectively meets the needs of both the vendor and the customer. So how can you make your electronic web business into a market? Keep reading
Basic Shopware or Magento features for online markets.
The features of a marketplace include all available options and resources that assist users in resolving particular issues. Users are finally guided by various aspects of the site's functionality to the desired action, such as ordering a product or a service. These fundamental features must be included in any online marketplace for electronic devices.

Every user may

  • Join the platform as a seller
  • Be a buyer and a vendor
  • Review merchandise and rate it
  • View all of the product information offered by the vendor
  • Use the same cart to place an order for items that other sellers are selling
  • View all of the items from various sellers currently in your shopping cart at once.
  • See the seller's page for all the further information
  • Complement the seller's reviews.
The administrator may

  • Set the seller's automatic approval as desired
  • Choose to authorize purchases made from the Marchant automatically
  • Manually accept or reject a seller or a seller's merchandise
  • Give a vendor a large number of products
  • Verify the product details provided by the seller
  • Decide on the commission rate
  • Keep track of the seller's revenue, overall order total, overall buyer total, and the most recent order
  • Create template-based email messages for the marketplace that administrators can utilize as they see fit.
  • View a list of every vendor in the market.

Some of the popular eCommerce extensions for your marketplace in Magento

Vendor attribute manager
The administrator can design unique properties for sellers using the Magento 2 marketplace vendor attribute manager module. Users can access the desired customer attributes made by the administrator on the vendor profile page by utilizing this extension. These could include all of the services the provider offers as well as the brands, models, and so forth with which the supplier operates. Of course, the consumer benefits from knowing as much as possible because it simplifies choosing the best options.
Marketplace Quote system
Using the Marketplace quote system extension, you may incorporate a quote request in your Magento marketplace. Customers can provide a price quote for a seller's goods. For ordering speciality items, this extension is beneficial. Buyers and sellers can communicate using this module regarding specific electrical products. Customers frequently order many electronic products at once, and the quotation feature enables you to recognize returning customers and reward them.

Some of the popular eCommerce extensions for your marketplace on Shopware

Multi-vendor grouped products
Merchants can include a grouped product on their websites using the Multi-vendor grouped product extension. The buyer has the option to purchase a variety of goods. By having a new product, the seller so broadens the scope of their enterprise. Suppliers and administrators gain from this extension by selling bundled products.

The supplement enables the vendor to
Increase the store's sales
Keep as many buyers and sellers inside the shop as possible
More significant expansion of the website
Bulk upload
Using CSV/XLS and XML files, the Bulk upload module aids sellers in uploading products in Bulk. It is crucial for the electronics industry because of its extensive range of products and configurations. Bulk product addition will expedite the process and improve seller satisfaction with the marketplace.


Creating an online electronic store takes a lot of work. It can be difficult for one person to handle all tasks, so you can hire a digital creative agency that can be your angel in this situation. You should genuinely evaluate your advantages, including your access to startup cash, your expertise in site upkeep and promotion, and the effective management of advertising campaigns.