Ways To Make Your Website Load Quickly


Ways To Make Your Website Load Quickly

According to a survey,” the users expect the website to get loaded within 2-3 seconds.” Every website user is looking for information and is always in a hurry. And at that time, if your website doesn’t get opened within 2-3 seconds, it will lead the user to lose interest in it. Well, it’s because the users know they’ve various options available, and you’re not the only one. They can visit the other websites that get quickly loaded and provide the information within a few seconds. So, rather than encouraging the users to see the other sites, you should undertake certain steps to enhance your website load speed and lead the users to stay longer on your website.

A sluggish website is detrimental to search engine optimization and the end user. In other words, it may result in a worse ranking for your website in search engine results. For you, this means fewer page visits, a low customer conversion rate, and a reduction in prospective buyers.

If you want to improve your website load page time, I think you should take the help and guidance of a web design and development company. Hiring a web development company is helpful because they are available for you right from the beginning to deliver effective solutions for your website page loading problems.

Now, if you’re thinking about increasing your page speed, we’ve listed some essential tips.

Tips to make website load quickly

Here, we’ll look at the tips that can help you make your website load quickly:

Make your hosting plan better

Examining your server is one of the easiest methods to speed up your website. When we initially start, we frequently choose the less expensive route and sign up for shared hosting. However, websites slow down as their usage and content increase. To combat this, upgrading your hosting package can be the right option for you.

Create internet-friendly images

Site size, in general, and picture sizes, in particular, significantly impact how quickly your site loads. The bigger your material and photos are, the slower your site will be. So, the most effective solution for such problems is lowering the size of your file and pictures on your website. You should either cut down their usage or should entirely remove it.

But a website without images is uninteresting, so it's better to lower the photos' size.

Consider your plugins

Plugins can add more features and functionality to your website, but the more plugins you use, the more time it will take for your website to load. Subpar or old plugins can significantly slow the speed of a website, and the solution to this problem is uninstalling plugins that replicate functionality, are outdated, or are of no use.

Streamline your material

You may dramatically reduce the material you use to speed up your website. For this, various online compressor services are available that automatically remove the extra spaces and characters from your HTML and CSS codes.

Consider using a content delivery network.

Minimize the distance that data must travel from your server to the user. And for that, CDN is the most straightforward method. A CDN is an excellent approach to speed up your website, regardless of whether it includes Javascript, HTML, Photos, stylesheets, or videos. They expedite the delivery of your site content.

Cut back on the number of HTTP requests.

A web browser that accesses a page on a website pings the web server to request the files that make up the page content. The browser then displays the content on the page after receiving the required files from the server. Every file that makes up the page's content is sent as separate HTTP requests by the browser. Reducing the number of HTTP requests is a very efficient way to speed up page load times.

Thus, your web page will take longer to load due to additional HTTP requests since there are more files on the page.

Some amazing facts about website page loading

Now, it's time to look at the eye-catching facts about website page loading:

  1. With every extra second of load time, websites’ conversion rates decrease by an average of 4.42%.
  2. Half of the respondents claimed they would be prepared to forgo animation and video for speedier load times.
  3. More than 50% of users can leave a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.
  4. 25% of sites could have saved more than 250KB, and 10% could save more than 1MB by compressing graphics and content.
  5. A web page typically takes 10.3 seconds on a webpage and 27.3 seconds on mobile devices to load fully.
  6. In close to 70% of cases, customers acknowledge that page speed affects whether or not they are likely to make an online purchase.

Final Thoughts

Reading our tips mentioned above might have given you explicit knowledge about increasing your website page loading. Also, you should consult and hire website developers because they know how a quick website page loading can make significant changes in your growth.

From explaining the reason for improving the website speed to delivering a practical solution, they’ll be with you at every step of the process.

So, get in touch with a digital creative agency and improve your website speed.

Guide For Progressive Web Apps


Guide For Progressive Web Apps

The necessity to improve the quality of your web app has grown in direct proportion to the adoption of smartphones throughout the world. Transitioning to a progressive web application (PWA) is the best option for creating a mobile-friendly app with a stellar user experience. Progressive web apps merge traditional application design with the simplicity of website development. As a result, the user experience improves generally.

Here, we’ll give our best go at addressing that question—how to create a progressive web app. We’ll look at the primary phases of progressive web app development after discussing the most crucial aspects of such an app.

So, to fulfill the rising demands of contemporary customers, hire web app developers who constantly be on their legs and prepared to adopt the newest web development technology.

Also, you need to understand that everything has both advantages and disadvantages. And the same goes for progressive web apps. In this article, we’ll cover the pros and cons of advanced web apps that will help you understand whether progressive web apps (PWA) are suitable for your project or not.

What are Progressive web apps?

Any device may use a Progressive web application (PWA), a web app that can function as both a web page and a mobile app. Progressive web apps aim to give a native-like user experience with faster conversion and smoother browsing even with a slow internet connection by utilizing standard technologies. It is a fantastic solution for your online store’s low conversion rates and bad mobile UX.

It offers functionality like push notifications, working offline, and other features previously exclusive to native applications. To plan and implement the progressive web app process, you can take the help of a web development company in the USA.

Steps to make progressive web apps

Let’s look at the steps you can follow to create progressive web apps:


Create an application shell

The first thing that all users notice is the program shell. Additionally, it plays a significant role in the gradual improvement pattern. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that the user sees the program shell as quickly as feasible rather than a blank screen.

Moreover, it should be ensured that the index HTML content is fully contained within the application shell. As a result, an application might display material as fast as possible before loading further data.


Register a service worker

You will require a service worker to use the full range of PWA benefits. Fortunately, they're relatively simple to set up. The first thing is to see if the user's browser is compatible with the service workers or not. Keep in mind that the file can be left blank at this stage as nothing special is required inside of it.


Add push notifications

Users can access the web push API to get push notifications with the help of service workers. Understanding that the backend configuration dramatically influences the push notifications sending process is crucial.


Additions of the web app manifest

If a person or organization wants to make the application installable, adding a manifest.json in the program's root directory is crucial. There should be a name, a splash screen, descriptions, and icons in this manifest.json file. Readers must understand the perfect manifest.


Setting up the installation

If a PWA is accessed with a service worker and manifest, chrome will automatically ask the user if they want to install an application on the home screen. A few requirements must be fulfilled first: the user visits the website at least twice, and there must be a five-minute gap between each visit.

The fundamental concept behind the entire process is ensuring the user is sufficiently interested in the application before asking them to make it a permanent fixture on the device.


Examining the performance of the app

Performance is at the core and soul of all effective PWAs. All users should be able to access the program quickly under any network circumstances. The application must be rapid, even if the user's browser lacks any service worker.

Here, one should be able to provide a fantastic experience to the users ignoring the type of device and network situation, and that can be done by only examining the current state of the performance of the app.


Checking the app

Develop your PWA with guidance, and once it is done, ensure that you check it. Google is the industry leader in promoting progressive web apps. It runs an application and records the responses by undertaking the PWA guidelines. And further, it rates the app out of 100.

Pros of progressive web apps

Here, we'll have a quick look at the benefits of progressive web apps:


Offline use

Compared to specific native applications and conventional web pages, many progressive web apps (PWAs) may utilize offline in one manner or another. Additionally, you can load the complete app after you use them, which might save your data.

No need for installation or manual upgrades

Of course, smooth updates are advantageous to more than just users. When a firm develops and maintains a Progressive web app (PWA), customers who still use an old app version will be less likely to contact customer support. The company may deliver updates as frequently as it likes without upsetting the users.


Any business must have a solid SEO to succeed, which is why websites are meticulously constructed. Native applications are a concern since they don't appear in search results. Progressive web apps, however, can improve your SEO performance in addition to being searchable. More visits might result from this, which would result in increased sales.

Enhance performance

The majority of the user will leave the website if it loads up within 3 seconds. Users anticipate them to load quickly, with no scrolling or slow-acting interfaces.

PWAs can perform far better than typical web applications because they use so-called service workers, JavaScript files that work independently from the main browser thread, and actively manage asset coaching.

Cons of progressive web apps

Now, after the benefits, let's have a look at some of the disadvantages of progressive web apps:

Native apps are still in front

Despite the enormous potential of PWAs, the technology is continually developing. That indicates that sometimes they still don't operate well compared to the native apps. Although we can expect a balance in the future currently, the native application offers certain advantages.

Problems with old technology

We know that PWAs are relatively new, so it should be clear that they must be adequately supported by some older mobile devices and web browsers. Although this issue will inevitably resolve in the future, certain businesses may experience client complaints.

Devices need to be updated.

Every device is unprepared for progressive web apps because they are new. Though everyone tries to have the latest technology, only some can. PWAs users will therefore be constrained, at least for the time being.

PWAs can only do some of the tasks.

PWAs are more potent than traditional web applications, yet they still need to catch up to what mobile apps can achieve. They utilize less battery life than apps created in native programming languages. It's a fact that Javascript is a single-threaded programming language that is a significant factor in why its presentation is lesser than native programs.

Wrap Up

However, progressive web apps have seen increased conversion rates, mobile revenue, and customer engagement in eCommerce, retail, events, hospitality, and other industries whose business emphasis continue to migrate online.

We hope that our pros, as mentioned above, and cons of the progressive web apps (PWAs) have helped you to understand whether the progressive web apps are helpful for you or not.

Moreover, you should consult and hire a digital creative agency that knows precisely what progressive web apps can do for your business. By understanding your needs, they can tell you whether you can use advanced web apps or not.

So, stop getting confused and hire web developers today.

Tips for creating an eye-catching website

Tips For Creating An Eye-Catching Website

There were around 1,744,517,326 websites in the world as of the start of the year 2020. More than half a million new websites appear daily, expanding the extensive online collection. In what ways can you improve the visibility of a website advertising your goods and services? We at WittyTechnicalSolutions have the key: a groundbreaking layout that will leave your clients speechless and have them adore your company. We’ve also solved the puzzle and found the secret ingredient to a streamlined, low-cost method of developing award-winning eye-catching websites.

In the following, you’ll find a breakdown of our procedure and some helpful advice from our high-tech minds. Keep reading.

When your users want to interact with you, the first thing they do is visit your website. So, your website is the one that can either give a lasting experience or the worst experience to the audience.


Let me guide you with an example.

If an audience is visiting your website and it takes at least 4 minutes to get loaded up and have no signs of direction, then the audience would probably get tired and confused, leading them to leave your website. But if your website gets quickly loaded up and has three-line symbols for direction, then the users will prefer to spend more time on your website looking for the information.

A eye-catching website with a pleasant design and quality information will take your business to the next level. Because it plays an essential role in conveying your message and keeps bringing new visitors who want to understand your products and services, ensure that you make the necessary efforts to make your website.

To create a great website, you must hire a website developer. They’re the experts and know how a well-created website can make a huge difference in your business.

But before hiring the experts now, let’s understand the reason for creating a website and some tips that can help you make an eye-catching website.

What does a website mean?

A website comprises related, publicly accessible web pages with a common domain name. A website can be developed and maintained to fulfill several objectives by a person, group, company, or organization. It comprises text, images, videos, audiences, and many other media. The world wide web (WWW) consists of all websites that are open to the public.

A website may also be referred to as a “web presence or just a “site.”

Why do you need a Eye-Catching Website?

Here, we’ll look at the reasons that state that you need a eye-catching website:

Businesses with websites are accessible:

This is one of the main justifications for why companies need websites. Most customers like to buy goods or services from a simple company to get in touch with and are available whenever they need it.

When the website has all information about who you are, what you offer, and how to get in touch with you will make your business accessible around the clock.

Adds credibility:

Most customers will only believe the business if they have its website. Your ability to conduct business legitimately is immediately increased by having a solid website. Having a website allows you to make a first impression on your audience. Thus, a website may be your best resource for sticking out in a crowd.

Exhibit your goods and services in the most pleasing light:

If you are willing to sell your products and services, you've to present them in the best possible way. When you have a website, you offer your products and services the way you want to. You can showcase them through pictures, videos, and PDF documents.

Saves time:

Continuously communicating with your potential customers takes time, whether you're exchanging emails, fielding calls, or putting out proposals. And thus, you can use that time to do other necessary activities. Your website can save time and energy by responding to frequent consumer queries and inquiries.


The websites can be relatively cost-effective compared to other advertising forms as they provide a better investment return. Getting a website for a reasonably minimal cost can eventually pay off by increasing your customers and strengthening your brand.

Tips to make an eye-catching website

Now, let's look at the tips that can help you create a website:


Responsive design:

The best websites must have a responsive design. The majority of individuals are visiting sites from devices other than their laptops. So, you must ensure that your website functions on every device available. It'sIt's because the market is flooded with tablets, smartphones, and many other devices.

Creating a website that works perfectly on all devices will give you a chance to gain a higher return on investment.

Make use of white space:

A website should appear slick, fashionable, and user-friendly to viewers. To draw attention to important parts of each page and make the information stand out, you should strategically and carefully use white space across your website.

The white space not only inspires a sense of elegance and strengthens your brand positioning but also increases reading comprehension. A designed website with lots of white space will urge your audience to remain and explore it.

Prevent elaborate transitions:

Transitions are crucial because they may be exciting and energizing. However, it would help if you kept them brief and pertinent to the purpose of your website. And if you do, you'll notice that users are leaving your website. It'sIt's because any of the users will prefer to avoid looking at the message that has been exaggerated.

Entice visitors with special discounts or client reviews:

Users who visit your website won't prefer a long paragraph and an endless line of images. So, when you create a website, ensure that you highlight some discounts and promo codes that can convince the users to buy from you. Moreover, you should include the reviews of your previous customers that can make the users believe that you deliver quality products.

Improve navigation:

Make navigation as simple as possible to improve your website's usability. Make sure your items are found on the site, desktop, and mobile devices, and the navigation is clear and straightforward. It'sIt's because if the users don't see that navigation bar, they will probably get lost and leave your website immediately.

Quick loading speed:

If a website doesn't get loaded up quickly, it leads the users to leave your website. Most users leave the website if it loads up within 3 seconds. So, you should hire web developers and ask them to focus on speed and prioritize it.

Final thoughts

Lastly, building an eye-catching website is more complex. Though it takes lots of time and effort, it's possible. Anyone following our tips mentioned above can create a fantastic website for their business. You have to understand how important these reasons and recommendations are for you. Also, to create an effective website, you should take the help of experts that can guide you right from beginning to end.

The web development company in the USA knows how to create a website and solve the problems that arise in the process. But before hiring any digital creative agency, ensure that you compare them and then find the most suitable ones.
So, contact the experts and create unique websites for your business.

Tips for choosing a Web Development Company

Web Development Company

Tips For Choosing A Web Development Company

Are you running a business? Yes? So, does your offline existence manifest itself on a website? No? And that is exactly what you’re missing. No matter what kind of company you own or operate in the modern day, you need a website to attract potential customers. In addition, having a website is not enough; it has to be good. If you don’t have the skills necessary to design and build your website, you’ll need the services of a web development company.

However, the challenge here is finding out how to choose the right web development company. It might be challenging to go through all the options when searching for a digital creative agency, but doing so is essential as only the very finest will guarantee that your site offers the most significant possible user experience.

One of the first things to look for in a web development company in the United States is whether or not your demands will be met while staying within your budget. More factors to consider while deciding on web development will discuss further.

But first, let’s understand the meaning of web development:

What is Web Development?

Web development is creating and maintaining websites; it’s the labor done in the background to make a website appear friendly, function quickly, and provide a positive user experience. Web development includes web content development, designing, network security configuration, client-side scripting, and many other tasks.

Web development may or may not include the action required for a proper ranking on the search engine. Also, hire web developers known for creating and maintaining your website for web development.

Ways for hiring the right web development company the USA

Here, we’ll look at some of the information that you can undertake while hiring the web development company:

1. Decide the type of website you need

Before hiring any web developer, you should consider the website you need for your business. Here, it would help if you thought about whether you want an informative website or a platform to sell products. A contact form or direct call to action. Considering these things is necessary because if you don't know what you want, you'll be unable to explain it to others.

2. Find out whether you are compatible.

You employ a technological partner when you work with a web development company. They will be vital partners in your business, so you must ensure that you're satisfied with their services. And for that, you need to look into how various web development companies work, how they treat their workers, and how much time they can spend to satisfy the needs of their clients. And after getting these details, you need to compare them to find the best one.

3. The type of assistance you require

Support may take many forms, such as recovering a password or information. And with proper website support, you can frequently make changes to your site. So, an experienced and reputable development company will provide you with all the required services to satisfy your needs. They'll always be available to help you add new pages, update the existing ones, or provide other services.

4. Industry knowledge

When hiring a web development company, consider how much knowledge they've in working with websites. Moreover, you can also take the feedback from their previous clients to understand how they work and deal with their client's needs.

5. Costs

We all know that every web development company has a different price structure. So, while hiring web developers, you need to compare their prices and services. Doing this will help you understand which company provides better services within its budget.

6. Communicate for a better understanding

Effective communication is the primary way to any successful partnership. A successful project requires your partner to communicate their ideas clearly and comprehend your point of view. Because there needs to be adequate communication, then the developers won't be able to understand your needs and won't be able to work on them. They will undoubtedly be problems if they are sluggish to answer or have good communication right from the start.

7. Solves problem

Creating and maintaining a website is challenging, so you'll unavoidably encounter a few issues. It's crucial that web developers can solve any problems faced by clients. It will help if you look for web developers who are always available to solve the issues and can quickly come up with solutions.

Final Thoughts

By following the tips mentioned above, we assure you that you’ll be able to find a suitable web development company in the USA. But beforehand, you should take time to understand exactly what you want to explain to the web developers—doing this will help you to confidently say that your web developer partner knows what you need and how to satisfy your needs.

Also, ensure that your digital creative agency is available to solve your problems for specific days, even after the completion of the contract. So, consider these tips can hire web developers today.

Website RFP: A Guide by Creative Digital Agency

Website RFP: A Guide by Creative Digital Agency

Website RFP: A Guide by Creative Digital Agency

As per research, it hardly takes a second for the visitors to make an impression on your website. And, if the website has a slow loading time, low-quality pictures, or bad web design, they might lead the visitors to leave your website quickly.

Your website is a bridge between you and your visitors. So, you need to be sure that your bridge is strong enough for your visitors to walk on it and come to you. Every business is established with an objective in mind. So, you must ensure that your website supports you in achieving your goal.

You should hire the best website application development company in London or one of the top website development companies in Dublin, as it will make it easier for you to build a perfect website. The journey of hiring a web development company starts with writing a proposal.

Meaning of Website RFP

A firm may contrast various website service providers via a questionnaire request for proposals (REP). The RFP not only poses specific requirements but also gives vendors the history, scope, and technical data they require.

Making decisions based on data is simpler for corporations through the RFP process. On the other hand, the RFP presents a chance to secure new business for companies and organizations that offer website services.

When writing a web RFP, remember that you’re not asking the questions that will help you find the best partners for your web development but also informing them about who you are, what you’re offering, and creating an impression in front of them. Your RFP will make the web developers think about whether you’re a good client or not.

Sections require in web RFP

Here, we’ve listed the essential sections that need to be mentioned in the web RFP:



A web RFP writer should always emphasize the introduction because it creates your first impression. It will help web developers and designers to understand whether the client is worthy of their time or not. Moreover, if your introduction is fascinating, it will encourage the reader to read the entire RFP.


Company Overview

The company overview is all about who you are, what services you offer, and when you entered the market. Ensure that you provide the necessary information so that the reader who has never heard anything about your company can get a sense of the details of your company. In short, they must be able to have enough information to talk about your company.


Website audience

Here, you've to mention your targeted audience and whom you desire to convert as potential customers. If you want your developers, designers, copywriters, and strategists to work effectively, then they must be familiar with your targeted audience.


New website purposes

At this step, you've to mention the primary goal of your website. And also the other short purposes. If you want your web application development company to work in your goal direction, you should inform them about your long-term and short-term goals.

For example, the website that wants to bring customers will differ from the website that wants to bring investors.


Current situation

Here, you need to write about the current website problem. The better you give deep knowledge about your website, the better it will help the experts to figure out what will work and what will not work for your website.


Requirements for new website functionality

You should specify the features that are necessary for your new website. The web experts can give you an accurate budget estimate with this information.


Wish list for a new website

In this section, you should include any optional features that depend on the budget. Here, you should get access to select the features based on the budget and requirements.


E-commerce specifications

If your new feature has an eCommerce feature, you should include specifics like the number of products and the growth you want to see in the upcoming years. These will help the experts create an eCommerce platform to support your current and future growth plans.



Budget is crucial thing in website development. In this section, you need to inform about the cost you're willing to spend on your entire web development process. This will lead the experts to work under your budget and how much they can work within your budget.


Proposal requirements

Here, you need to mention what you expect your respondent to include in your proposal response. Every web development company has a different process. So, getting a clear answer will help you to decide on the best company.


Website RFP timeline details

In this section, you need to mention the deadline until you expect to hear back from your respondent. You should also note the launch date of your website but ensure that you say the proper date.

Benefits of Web RFP

Now, let's have a closer look at the benefits of Web RFP:

Ensure fair process

The competition for the business of your company will probably be fierce. As a result, it's crucial to design a vendor selection process that relies on facts. By issuing a Web RFP, you can collect comparable information and prevent unfair comparisons.

Encourage price competition

A website's construction requires a significant financial commitment. As a result, it's crucial to pick the ideal business partner while attempting to minimize expenses. A website RFP is inherently competitive, which motivates each prospective provider to submit the best of their most robust proposal.

Examine the vendor's background

There are countless approaches one can use while building a website. You can ask various questions about their previous work and customer success through a web RFP. Each seller that responds is likely to offer a different perspective.

Types of Website RFP
There is a website RFP for every need. Right from original design to continuous maintenance. Some of the best web RFP are:

- RFP for website design
- RFP for web development
- RFP for a website redesign
- RFP for a customized web application
- RFP for developing a web portal
- RFP for customer support and upkeep

No matter what kind of RFP you need to write, keep in mind to include the essential team members as they can play significant roles in supplying insightful or relevant information that could contribute to the growth of the website development project.

Always ensure that you select the best creative digital agency that can support your business goals and objectives. The web development company in the USA guides you at each step of the web development process and ensures you get out of your budget.

Final thoughts

There are just a few of the crucial areas that you should concentrate on as you begin making plans for business expansion. It will help if you develop a business strategy that shows a clear definition of what your success should look like in the future. Your level of optimism and adaptability greatly influences your company’s capacity to grow. You’ll be able to adjust your business strategy if you can see changes and respond to them quickly.
The aim of creating a business strategy is to achieve the business objectives. Moreover, you can also take the help of a digital marketing company because they’re the one who plays a crucial role in helping you to achieve your goal.
So, look into your business and develop one of the best strategies.

10 Common Website Problems

10 Common Website Problems
Website Problems

10 Common Website Problems

We’ve to accept that the website in the 2000s and 2022 has a vast difference. The website is a doorway to knowledge about your business, products, and services. Your website serves as a cornerstone for all of your internet marketing initiatives. It plays a crucial role in attracting visitors and keeping them for a long time. So, ensure you keep a close e on its performance. Suppose there is any area in which your website could be performing better. In that case, that will affect your capacity to convert visitors and gather data, eventually affecting your business’s profit. You might be wrong if you don’t need to check the website problem. Even multinational companies are also facing some server problems on their website.

So how do you know there is a problem with your website?

We’ve talked to the experts, who helped us list some common website problems.

Moreover, if you’ve identified your website problem, you should contact a web application development company as they’re the experts and know how to solve the problem. The web development company has a team of experts who will further guide you on how to prevent those website problems.

Now, let's have a quick look at some of the common website problems


Cheap images

People are indeed drawn with pictures, but only the best ones. A stock photo can nearly detect from a mile away. Even if they aren't the most significant issues with websites, these images are essential to the growth of your website.

For example, if you observe an image on the website and feel that you've seen it somewhere before on a cheap website, it might make you think about whether you can trust the website or if there's something off.


2. Website outage

The ideal situation should be for users to visit your site constantly and for the admin to make changes. But that hardly ever happens. Broken links, faulty redirects, and other issues can cause a website outage. The leading causes of downtime are server problems, which can be brought up by heavy traffic, lack of RAM, or software that didn't apply correctly.


Slow loading time

Visitors' experience on your site can utterly destroy by slow loading times. Slow loading time can influence the visitor to leave your site. The users are willing to wait a few seconds for a website to get loaded. In short, high page load time will lead you to lose your potential visitors.



That is a classic mistake majority of businesses fail into. The users may find it annoying and could easily distract their attention from the main point. With the dozens of windows on your website, viewers need help understanding your right message.


Poorly written copy

Even though most customers prefer visual information, written content can still be effective. No matter how skillfully you construct your firm, you'll get negative results if the written material needs to be corrected. So, I prefer putting money into solid content. With SEO and strong content, you can get in the list of top results on Google.


Obscure information and no clear point of contact

If a visitor wants to ask questions, they might require your contact details. And if your website doesn't have any means of communication, then it might lead the visitors to leave your website with a question in mind.


Mobile incompatibility

The majority of traffic comes from mobile devices. Your website's appearance will impact if it isn't mobile-friendly. You'll lose many potential visitors if your site doesn't display correctly, loads slowly, or is challenging to use on mobile devices.


You are not advertising your website.

Only some of your potential visitors will come from Google. Links on your online posts and social media will drive them toward your website. In short, if you don't engage in outside promotions, you will lose the maximum number of visitors.



For startups, keeping their website security up to date is essential. If your website lacks proper protection, you might experience problems from hackers and cybercriminals. Only when the company faces a challenging incident will it appreciate the benefits of the website.


Outdated website design

A website's general layout should be both aesthetically beautiful and functional. After all, how your website seems will influence visitors to keep in touch for a long time. However, you must be aware of frequent website design changes if you want to retain your visitors. That means if you have yet to update your website till now, it will probably be out of date.

You must consult and hire a web application development company to avoid the abovementioned points.

Reasons to hire a web development company.

Now, we'll discuss the reasons that can help you to decide whether or not to hire a web development company:

Continuous support

Some business owners need to pay more attention to the importance of continuous support. No matter when you face a problem with your website, The web developers you hire will always be available to support you. When you hire a web application development company, they expect continuous support. They're always available to assist you before and after completing the work. Apart from What can't be the most significant reasons to hire web developers?
Then also, let's look at some of the other reasons.

It saves time

Developing and updating your website is a time-consuming process. And as a business owner, if you have to focus on solving your website problem, it might draw you back from achieving your goal. So, it's better to hire a web application development London company because it will help you save time and lead you to solve your website problem effectively.

The website will be more trustworthy.

You know that if your website is well-improved, it might prevent you from losing the trust of your visitors. You need the appropriate skills and knowledge to ensure you'll get the visitors' trust. So, it's better that you put your time into finding the right web development company, and they will prepare an excellent website that can make your visitors trust you.

Quick loading time

A website built with less expertise will only be able to compete with a perfect website. So, when you hire a web application development company, they'll ensure that your website has a quick loading time. Because the fast loading can make the visitors remain consistent with your website and your business.

So, Hire a web application development company in dublin and take your website to rank top in Google.

Undertake these Steps to Sell Homemade Food Online

Undertake these Step to Sell Homemade Food for Business Online

During the pandemic, street food faced many problems, but it didn’t take long to shift their online food business. Being a cook can open many opportunities for you to grow your food business. The only thing that matters the most in this world is tasty and healthy food. Am I right? 

Well, the majority will agree with me. 
But, before guiding you about selling homemade food online, let me ask you that:

Are you a great cook and looking for a way to earn money?
Of course, Yes, Right?

Then we have a perfect and ideal solution for you. You can start selling your homemade food. 

Currently, everyone prefers healthy food, and what can be a better reason to purchase your food? 

You can even sell your food online so that no matter where your customers live, they can enjoy your tasty and healthy food. Currently, the majority of the population don’t want to leave their home, so they want their food gets delivered to their home.

We all live with a family and have someone who cooks delicious food for us. And this can be considered an opportunity to start your own business. 

Whether the person is living far from home or a person is sick, the only thing they crave is homemade food. And so, selling homemade food can give you growth and profit. For development, a successful homemade food business only needs tasty food and on-time delivery.

After creating a homemade food business online, you can promote it on different platforms by taking the help of a digital marketing agency Dublin.

Why sell homemade food online?

Are you confused about why you should sell homemade food online? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered:

1. The homemade food business has a low startup cost

The homemade food business has complete control of its expenses. And so, when you start a homemade food business, you don't have to deal with things like:
- Paying money to staff
- Renting or buying a place
- New tools or equipment
- High packaging costs

2. It makes it simple to get customer feedback.

Customer feedback is crucial for every business to get succeed. And if you have your homemade food business online, it can keep you connected with your customers and help you learn your food ratings and the demand for your food.

3. There is a demand for food.

Food is a necessity, and so, if compared to other products and services, food is always in high demand. And if you're able to cook tasty food, no one can stop you from growing your startup business.

4. Selling and delivering food from home is suitable.

If you're confused about selling food from home, we've come up with some great reasons that might clarify your doubt. Selling homemade food from home is suitable because:
- You don't have to travel anywhere to cook the food
- You can promote and market your food and services through social media
- You can offer services according to your time and convenience

5. It gives you access to work flexibly

If you're running your own business, you have control over what to sell and when. You can decide the menu you want to offer to your customers. Also, if you make any policy changes, you can quickly inform your customers.

A step-by-step guide to starting a food business online

Look at these steps to create a food business online:

1. Define the reason for selling food online

The reason for selling a particular food item is vital to make people realize that you care about them. For example, if a company sells chocolates, its reason for selling is to make people have something sweet and enjoy its taste.

2. Decide which food item you want to sell

Building your career in cooking doesn't require any degree. During the lockdown, amateur chefs and homemakers started selling food online due to high food demand. The first step you should take while starting your food business is to decide exactly which item you want to sell to your customers. For example: if you're great at baking cakes, you can start your bakery shop.

3. Create a business model

If you have a proper business plan, it can be easier to decide on the food you can offer online. Further, it helps you decide on your targeted market, capital, and vision. If you want help creating a business model, you can use a program.

4. Get licenses and register your business.

Once you've chosen a business plan and market niche, it's time to register your business online. Small businesses can easily register their business, but you require some licenses. You can visit the government officials' portal to register for food licenses.

FSSAI Registration: Food sellers who generate annual revenue of fewer than 12 lakhs should apply for registration. This manual clarifies the many FSSAI registrations that relate to your company.

Moreover, A license from the FSSAI is required if your turnover exceeds 12 lakh. Usually, this applies to medium-sized eateries.

5. Get ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Ingredients play a crucial role in preparing tasty food. And so, for the perfect ingredients, you should get in touch with suitable suppliers. But before looking for a distributor, you must look at some things like:
- Delivery & shipping times
- Cost of manufacturing
- References and testimonials from former clients
- Materials availability
Depending on your business size, you should approach and talk to distributors.

6. Make your online store.

An online presence is necessary for all small businesses. When you have an internet store, selling food online is simpler. You can initially opt for a free online store and upgrade to a brand new premium store once you're familiar with the eCommerce industry. To get more sales from your customers, make your food look tempting. And for that, you can post pictures and videos of your food. Further, you can mention the product description and the food taste.

7. Promote your homemade food business online

There is the majority of people who crave tasty people, but they still don't know that you exist. And, so to make yourself visible, you need to promote your brand online. Promoting your food business does not require must effort. All you have to do is: mention recipes, ask for customer feedback, share your knowledge, etc. You can also take guidance from a digital marketing agency to bring effective marketing results for your food business.


Selling homemade food online is something that any cook shouldn't avoid. This type of business allows you to follow your passion and feed other people. You can start this business at a small phase and let it develop naturally. Talk to other entrepreneurs in the food business to better comprehend the challengers and for some insider tips.

Once you've started your food business, you should get in touch with a Digital marketing company that is the expert in promoting various industries and increasing its online presence.

So, what are you looking at? Go into your kitchen and start selling delicious food to your customers.

Guidelines for Designing Website Headers

Guidelines for Designing Website Headers

Here is a complete guide to designing website headers.

Within how many seconds do you create an opinion about a website?

At least 15-30 sec, Right?

And, what’s the first thing you’ll see or notice on the website?

Most of you will say, “a website header.”

And that’s correct

Every website page has a header, the first thing visitors and users will notice. There should be a balance between a simple website design and a detailed direction to the website’s deeper pages. While creating a website header, you must ensure that your visitors and customers can quickly get what they’re looking for. And for that, you need to recognize some best practices.

You should hire a web application development company Dublin for a perfect website header design because they know how a header design can influence and attract clients. Web experts focus on and implement the best practices for designing website headers. 

Now, let’s discuss the website header in detail:

What is a Website Headers?

Although they’re frequently disregarded, website headers are crucial. As the name suggests, the header is the upper portion of a website page. It is a section of content typically pinned to the top so that it constantly appears on all your site’s pages. A header’s primary goal is to clearly outline the essential information on your website, which convinces visitors to view it more. Also, the website header can give your visitors a precise direction as they move forward from one page to another.

Your header will instantly identify your website, especially if it incorporates your brand’s colors and logo. Ensure that you select the header that goes with your website style. 

Why do you need a headers for your website?

We all believe that” a first impression is the last impression.” You’ll never get another chance to impress your visitors. The header aids in website identification, and more importantly, you can use the header as an opportunity to convey any important message to visitors.

You should imagine the website header as an exterior of the shop by looking at which the visitor can understand what’s inside the store. The header primarily serves as an introduction and summary of your services or products.

Tips for designing a website headers

Now, let’s have a look at a few tips for designing a website headers:

1. Emphasize the most crucial components

Ensure that the header communicates the primary action you want your site visitors and users to take when they arrive at your page. In general, headers include information that facilitates user interaction with the website, such as:
- Firm's logo
- Contact details
- Tagline
- Icons of social media
- Navigation links

2. Consider transparent headers

For websites, you should consider using a transparent header with eye-catching images. While displaying crucial links, this provides images with possible exposure.

When using a sticky header, having it clear on the scroll can be a little distracting because the header’s background will move along with the images. And if you want to avoid this, you should add some color to the background because even after scrolling through the photos, the users won’t get distracted from the links.

3. Consider effects to demonstrate people learn where they are and where they are going.

While the users navigate, the selected effects play a crucial role in directing them. You should select an effect that is easily noticeable and not distracting. You can also choose effects like underlining that can be visible on mobile devices.

4. Consider design elements that express the company's personality.

Using effects and colors is the best way to convey a company's personality. If your brand has a light-hearted tone, you can use the floating effect, but if your customers provide professional services like real estate, then the floating effect is not the right choice.

Best practices for designing a website headers

Here are the most popular practices that a web application development company can undertake to design the best website header

1. Maintain a consistent design

Though there is no size, shape, or color of a website header, that doesn't mean you can ignore it. You can use it as a design feature to enhance the overall look of your website. It would help if you were sure to strike a balance between being distinct and unified.

Also, ensure that your header doesn't affect how users view your information. With the overall look of your website, you need to ensure that your color schemes and fonts are in line.

2. Use readable fonts

Readability is crucial because it contains some of the most significant and informative elements. Your audience mustn't exert too much effort to understand your text. And so, for your header, you should select a font that is a good representation and easy to read.

3. Hidden navigation

Many web development companies choose hamburgers menus. The navigation menu is represented by an icon that looks like three horizontal lines layered on one another. If you're working with a minimalist website design, then a hamburger menu enables you to give users a wealth of options that save space.

4. Shrinking header

If you want to display your background image and, at the same time, you want to include the header in your website, then shrinking the header is the perfect solution for you. As the visitors scroll down, a shrinking header is intended to blend into the background of your website. Using this header style will have a stunning virtual impact on your website.

5. Mobile header menu

While designing your website header, you can't ignore the mobile. Mobile devices are used by people who don't know or don't have laptops or computers. First, you should have a mobile-friendly header to have a mobile-friendly website. When a website header is responsive, it can change in size and shape depending on the device. A hamburger menu is the best option for mobile devices.

6. CTA (call-to-action)

A solid call to action motivates the visitors to act. There isn't much room in the website header. And so, you must only place the crucial CTA. For example, if you're running a clothing brand, you should add a call-to-action like "Place order." Ensure that your message is clear and can be described in one or two words.


The website header should be your first choice if you want to create an impressive impression on your visitor's and users' minds. So, when building your website, you must pay extra attention to the website header. Always ensure that you keep your website header updated. The abovementioned tips and practices will help you to create a fantastic website header design.

You should hire a web development company to get effective results from the website header. A professional web developmeners will ensure that you're creating a unique and attractive website header.

So, it's time that you prioritize the website header today

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?
web development future - wittytechnicalsolutions

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?

We all have noticed that the growth of Web development is continuously increasing but do you think it will be the same in the future? Today, we depend on websites for all our needs, which is why an improved website is essential.

In earlier times, data sharing and communication were the primary use of websites but nowadays, from communication and banking to purchasing, we all depend on websites for everything. So, it would be great if you did not get confused about whether to invest in web development or not. But to get effective results, hiring a web development company Dublin is advisable.

Will Web Development continue to exist in the future?

What is Web Development?

Web development is all about the process that occurs behind the scenes and presents a unique and quick functional website. Web development includes web content development, server-side scripting, web design, network security configuration, and much more.

The web developer takes the necessary actions to manage a website and provides the best user experience. They are high in demand and are considered the best career option.

Hiring a web application development company Dublin will take your Website to the next level.

In 1989, British scientist Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web to interchange information between scientists and institutes. In 1993, Tim Berners Lee introduced the first HTML and then in HTML version2 in 1995, HTML versions 3 and 4 in 1997 and last, HTML version 5 in 2011.

In the first version, HTML was not so good-looking, so Hakon Wium Lie invented the first draft of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and then in 1997, CSS version 2 was introduced, which is widely used in most browsers.

Then, in 1995, Brandan Eich came up with Java Script, previously known as Mocha. So this is the history of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that we use in our current lives.

Why is Web Development essential for business growth?

You may be thinking that business growth depends only on sales and profits. But no, you’re mistaken. You should also consider the process that leads to sales. Wonder, if your Website is not healthy functioning, then users might lose interest and can also think of it as a fraud. To get clear ideas, let’s understand the importance of web development in points:

1. Improves Brand Awareness

No matter you’re a small or big business, you need a website to make users learn about your services and products. A website attracts organic traffic and leads to an increase in sales and profit.

2. Website development also involves marketing

If you have a unique and well-functional website, it will be easy for you to market your products and services. There will be no need to invest in other marketing methods like putting news in newspapers or putting hoarding.

3. Gets better ROI

We understand that to get web development; you need to hire a web developer, which can be considered an investment. You might be thinking, how? Think like a web developer will create a great website, and that Website will generate more profit, so, of course, hiring a web developer is an investment.

4. Attracts organic traffic

Nowadays, users depend on search engines to get the best websites that provide their required services. Placing the right keyword in your content will help your Website easily get found.

5. Available anytime

A call-person at a business cannot be available 24/7 to tell users about your products and services, so here is where the Website enters the frame. Users can use your Website anywhere and anytime to get reliable information.

website presence

How does a Website build a strong presence of business?

1. Manage your content

We all believe that good content attracts traffic. But to prepare good content, you need to make it unique, relevant, and easy to understand. With a proper web development process, you can know whether your content is appropriate for the user or requires some changes. Good content is necessary to deliver your message and vision to the visitors.

2. Understand and attract search traffic

A proper web development process is crucial in understanding and attracting search traffic. Users always have the habit of typing the keyword and searching for websites, so if you use those right keywords in your Website, you can appear in the top 10 list o search engine. Website traffic helps us to:

  • Understanding the needs of the right audience
  • Getting better ROI
  • Conversion of visitors into customers

3. Analyze and take actions

The web development process will help you analyze your website performance, measure conversion rates, assess visitor engagement, and monitor backlinks. And if you want to make a successful digital marketing strategy, you should not ignore web development.

4. Building a Content Hub

Blogs are essential for content marketing activities. So, you can publish blogs on your social media platform to bring your visitors to your Website. You can also use inbound links that get the users to the critical part of the Website.

5. Keeping Ownership

Owing your web address and Website will help protect your brand from a third party. Also, owning a domain name is essential for every brand and its presence because it not builds your strong brand but also keeps the visitors engaged.

2022 Web Development Statistics you need to know

Here are some of the eye-catching statistics you need to know:


At last, there is a high huge of internet, and so an improved Website is essential for the users to get quick response. Online presence is necessary for every business because, without virtual reality, your users will not be able to understand your brand. Thus, web development will continue to exist in the future.

But, you get someone who looks after your web development process is necessary, so you must hire a digital creative agency.

So, without thinking, hire a web developer today!

Why do businesses in Dublin need to hire a Web development company?

Web development company dublin
Web development company dublin

Why do businesses in Dublin need to hire a Web development company?

Research shows that 94.4% of people start a new business in Dublin. Most of the business covers, food & beverage, Tourism, Retail, Information, and communications technology, and the Media industry. Now, in this competitive digital era, how one can survive without an online presence?

Today, every business must have an online presence. Investing in a web developer is wise whether you’re a startup or an established company. The best way to reach the most customers is through the company’s online presence, which won’t waste your time or energy.

Creating a user-friendly website allows the business to compete in the larger market. Therefore, working with a web development company that is both creative and skilled makes sense. Any reputable web development company will have the necessary knowledge and expertise to increase the company’s presence and assist in achieving its objective.

The functions of the Web Developer

Before hiring one, you must be aware of a web developer’s responsibilities. A web developer’s primary responsibility is to design simple websites for users to navigate.

The following are the duties of a web developer:

Additionally, they are in charge of identifying and correcting potential errors on both new and existing websites.

Things to take into account before choosing a web development company

Business owners should leave a good impression on the client. Therefore, a few things should be taken into account before choosing a web developer for your website:

Considerations when choosing a web development company

We know that various web development Dublin companies are in the market, making it difficult to choose the best one. Here, we’ll go over a few things that will make it easier for you to pick out and choose the best web development company.

1. Portfolio and excellence

The first thing to consider when hiring a web development company is its portfolio. A competent business will have an impressive list of completed projects in its portfolio. To determine whether they can complete the task for you or not, you must consider their prior work.

2. Support

The best indication that they offer top-notch services is their continuous support to the clients. A reputable business will help you in ignoring potential issues in the future.

3. Understands your needs

Before hiring a web development company, you must consider whether or not they give importance to the client's needs. They must be able to listen to clients' needs and take necessary actions according to them.

4. Responsive

Before hiring, you must consider whether or not a web development company prioritizes the clients' needs. They must be able to pay attention to clients' needs and respond accordingly.

5. Meeting deadline

Always pay attention to how quickly the web developer responds to all of your inquiries. Any company's responsiveness is an essential component.

6. Budget

Every business is constantly concerned about the budget. However, never choose a web development company based solely on price. Determine whether it is advantageous to pay them the requested amount by comparing their quality of service.

Reasons to hire a web development company.

You might be confused about why to hire a professional web development company and so here are various reasons why Dublin businesses need to hire a web development company:

1. Utilize the recent technology

Professional web developers stay current on emerging trends and technologies. For instance, when customers are looking for the best restaurants, a food-responsive website is crucial. Web designers are aware of this and will adjust the website's design accordingly.

2. Increases visibility

If the website is listed among the top results on the search engines, it can be considered a successful marketing and sales tool for the business. Without SEO, the website won't be visible because it won't be on the first page of Google. Therefore, a website developed by a reputable web development company draws visitors.

3. Saves time

Creating a website is not an easy task, and it requires time. While creating a website, you must consider its design, the information to be put, and its functionality. So, hiring a professional web developer will save you time as they have experience in it and organize things properly.

4. Trustworthy

When a company doesn't live up to its customer's expectations, it quickly receives negative reviews, and due to this, they either get better or goes out of business. So, web developers build their business on trust, and it's easily noticeable in their online reviews.

5. Mobile-friendly

Missing out on the mobile-friendly can exclude most potential clients who use tablets or mobiles to browse the web. A reputable web development company can utilize technology to its fullest potential to create a website adaptable to all devices.

6. Customized design

The website design is the most crucial element in creating a website. Without a background in design, your website might look unattractive or impersonal. A skilled and experienced web developer can create a personalized design that will give your website a unique appearance and set it apart from competitors' websites.

7. Stable

A skilled web development company will prioritize building a strong, stable, and secure website while minimizing the possibility of a website breaking. Experts with lots of experience will help prevent emergencies and guarantee better uptime.

8. Ongoing Assistance

Once the website is created, your relationship with the developer will maintain. When you hire a web developer, you can feel assured that you have someone who can deal with all website problems.

9. Speedier load time

Improving the bottom line and providing a better user experience depends on the speed at which your website loads. So, with the right tools, the web developer can create a speedy loading website. With the help of a professional web development company, you can feel assured that your website has excellent features.

10. Building a positive image

Web development is crucial for your company's reputation as a whole. Customers are looking for credibility to determine whether they can trust you. Besides developing your brand's reputation, it's about making people recognize your influence in the field. Professional web developers will help you stand out from the competition and build a positive image in the mind of customers.


By reading this, you may have understood that creating a website is tedious and expensive. But because it’s the primary way that customers interact with the brand, it needs to be visually appealing. Employing a web developer is a significant decision regardless of the business size. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced web developer is strongly advised.

The web development company in Dublin will be in charge of designing the website and managing its operations and difficulties. Because they have faith in the web’s excellent performance, design, and management, the company will be able to concentrate on the critical tasks at hand.